We place campers in cabins by the grade that they have just completed. The cabins are then split up into Tribes, which are like mini camps of boys who are close to the same age. There is a head counselor in every tribe who is responsible for those boys and counselors. They get a chance to visit with older or younger boys during free time, some evening programs and weekend games.


Newts are our youngest campers and are usually in grades K-completed 3rd. They live in the cabins closest to the Dining Hall and always have 2 counselors living in their cabins.


Our "Dogs" tribe are usually completed 4th and 5th grade boys and live in Dog Valley in the center of camp. We always have 2 counselors living in their cabins.


The "Manders" are usually 6th grade campers and live up on "Mander Hill". They have 1 counselor in their cabin.


The Huggers are the 7th and 8th grade campers and live on "Hugger Row". They have 1 counselor in their cabin and are the oldest official tribe at CCB. 


Our "CAs" are boys who have complete the 9th-11th grade and live in the "Lillypad" near the Dining Hall. Find out more about our CA program here 

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