Evenings & Weekends

Evening Programs

Every session each camper gets the chance to compete in the Talent contest, Tribal Song contest, or Cabin Skit contest. Winners receive pizza and sodas for their cabin group. We also have our cabin day, movie night and campfire each week for the campers. Our evening programs will consist of twilight games like Rainbow tag, Hotrodicus Supersonicus or our famous shaving cream battles.

All boys have the opportunity to camp out every Wednesday night. Cabin day is an awesome opportunity to chill out with your age group. We sleep out under tarps, ensuring every boy experiences the great outdoors.


Religious Services

Camp Carolina celebrates diversity from cultures around the world. We are a nondenominational camp. On Sundays boys may choose to either go to Mass, a local church or stay in camp and participate in normal camp activities.

Sunday night vespers includes inspirational stories from our chaplain and our staff that any faith could appreciate.


Weekend Schedule

No weekend is the same here at Camp Carolina!

The weekend starts on Friday night with the very important and traditional Camp Fire. Campers grab their crazy creeks and paddles and head to the Camp Fire after dinner. Everyone sings rousing songs, campers share trip reports of their most exciting adventures from the week just gone and we get entertained by our story tellers and singers.

Finally as it starts to get dark the Old Man of the Mountain awards are presented. You can find out more information about this award here. Campers find Camp Fire to be a really special time. They spend it reflecting on the week they have just had and relax and sing meaningful, traditional songs with their camp buddies.

Saturday is camper day! Campers get to sleep in an extra hour and so hit the ground running. We take some campers out to Sliding Rock (which is a stunning, natural water slide in Pisgah Forest) for the morning and give the boys free time to slide down the rock and paddle and explore the nearby creeks. Campers that stay in camp can participate in one of the many activities that we hold including the water front, low ropes, climbing wall and many team sports all which offer games for the boys to compete in as teams.In the afternoon we hold whole camp games such as Commando Capers, Will Anyone Think of the Eggs, Capture the Flag or Around the World in 80 Days. We finish up Saturday with a dance with either Rock Brook, Ton-a-Wandah or Keystone which is a highlight for some of the boys!

Sunday the boys get another extra hour in bed and have a huge buffet breakfast to look forward to. Any boys wanting to attend a religious service can do so after breakfast. The other campers play games such as International Rules Dodge Ball and are entertained by Nature Man or one of our inspirational story tellers. The Biltmore Train also comes on Sunday which is a favorite with plenty of the campers. It is a special treat for keeping their cabins clean all week where they get to eat as much ice cream in any flavor that they want.

Sunday afternoon is another whole camp game, or sometimes we have Gold Rush where the boys forage all over camp in search of “gold” which is then exchanged for Carolina Dollars. They then get to spend it on one of the many carnival games which include a dunk tank and an inflatable maze or spend it in the Camp Carolina Saloon. Sunday night we have a cook out of either beef or chicken burgers before heading to Vespers at the Camp Fire for inspirational stories and songs.


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