In Camp Activities

In-Camp Activities

Our Commitment to the younger boys, as well as the older ones, transcends throughout our camp program. The diversity of our in-camp program, combined with our extensive tripping program, gives boys an experience they can only get at Camp Carolina.

Our In-Camp program allows our campers to try a wide range of activities and find a passion they can develop. We travel the globe to find the most qualified and enthusiastic staff to help campers progress their skills or learn something new. Every staff member also goes through additional training in their specific activity so that every lesson can focus on the campers and reflect the Camp Carolina goals.  

We have a lesson plan for every activity for each age group so that all the boys can be safe and successful. We do all the team sports that boys do at home but put camaraderie and sportsmanship first over competition, and boys are more seldom on the same team more than once. We have a strong focus on individual sports that are designed to build confidence and self-esteem.

Every Sunday night the campers get the chance to sign up for 5 In-camp activities that they will attend for the week. This is key to allowing the campers to take responsibility for their own learning and experience what they want to do. During our two free times we also have most in-camp activities open so that they never miss out on something they want to try or just want to carry on having fun. 

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