In-Camp Activities

In-Camp Activities

Our Commitment to the younger boys, as well as the older ones, transcends throughout our camp program. If you shop camps, you will find that there are few camps, if any that allow boys under twelve to Climb, Bike, Raft or Kayak out of Camp. The diversity of our in-camp program, combined with our extensive tripping program, gives boys an experience they can only get at Camp Carolina.

Every activity at Camp Carolina is available to campers of all ages on a level specifically designed for their age group, with the exception of Surfing, Wakeboarding and Paintball, which are offered to the boys who have finished fifth grade. The only reward a boy can receive at Camp Carolina is for being a positive member of the community. The Old Man of the Mountain award is based on citizenship. Boys do not receive rewards of any significant merit for athletic prowess or excellence in any activity.

Our cost is all inclusive, except for incidentals, prize trips and pizza parties. We run all our own programs. For Instance, the Raft Guides and Climbing Instructors are part of our community, They arrive at Camp with specific skills and are trained at Backcountry Institute. All our staff go through the same rigorous hiring procedures.

We have a lesson plan for every activity for each age group so that all the boys can be safe and successful. We do all the team sports that boys do at home but put camaraderie and sportsmanship first over competition, and boys are more seldom on the same team more than once. We have a strong focus on individual sports that are designed to build confidence and self-esteem.

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