Mountain Boarding



Mountain Boarding

Mountain boarding is an awesome extreme sport offered at Camp Carolina, it’s like snowboarding but on grass slopes with wheels on the boards. First step all the boys are padded up head to toe; we even use custom made butt pads! Then we find them a board, we have a wide range of boards of different makes, models and sizes so boys can find the perfect board for their riding style.

We begin by teaching the boy the correct stance on the board and how to power slide to a safe stop. Once they have mastered these basic skills we move onto the beginner slopes of CCB learning basic ‘S’ turns and maybe even try some little jumps.

Once the boys have completed a half day in camp skills clinic they can head out to the downhill trails of the ‘Big M’ situated just down the road in Pisgah Forest. For the boys who develop a passion for boarding the slopes we offer an overnight prize trip to Sugar Mountain Ski Resort where we often have the mountain to ourselves. We shuttle the boys to the top of the 5300 ft. mountain where they cruise down carving up 1200 ft demonstrating all the techniques they have learnt.

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