We run paintball trips for all boys who have completed the 5th grade. We take the boys to ‘Line of Fire Paintball’ which is a great paintballing facility only a 10 minute drive down the road. The paintballing trip is very popular which the boys talk about for days after.

Before we enter Line of Fire Paintball all the boys are given a detailed safety briefing by a qualified employee at Line of Fire. The counselors and the referees on the field ensure that safety is paramount and all boys are having a good time during the whole game.

The boys are issued appropriate safety equipment before the games begin and are required to wear it correctly through the duration of the battle. The campers play up to five different games including capture the flag, center control and the final game of capture the counselors. These games are played in two different areas, the ‘City’ which is a built up area encompassed by 2 story buildings with many hiding places to jump out and surprise your opponents. There is also a large wooded area with natural barriers that is a more open playing field so attackers can come from all angles making for a very exciting game.

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