Important Information

Important Information

Opening and Closing Day | Transportation | Spending Money | Packages of Food | Places to Stay | Health and Medical | Email, Fax and Photos | Unhappy Camper? | Marking Clothes | Fees and Refunds | Cabin Assignments | Telephone

Opening and Closing Day

The opening day of camp is of major importance to the campers and the staff. All campers should plan to arrive in the morning between 10am -11:30am.

Boys cannot be accepted prior to opening day, except by special arrangement in advance; cost $250 per day.

If your son is arriving late, please let us know.

If you bring your son to camp, we suggest that you meet his Cabin Counselor, Head Counselor and the Camp Directors, visit the office and infirmary, and go by the camp store.

Please do not linger for too long; it makes it harder for your son to get off to a good start.

Closing Day begins at 10:00am when parents go straight to their childs cabin to see their son/sons and the counselor. The traditional olympic ceremonies will begin at 10:30am followed by cookout at 11:30am and final campfire at 12:30. All boys leave after final campfire. Boys who are flying should depart camp before noon on Closing Day.

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If your son is flying to or from camp by scheduled airline you need to make a reservation. Please advise the camp by completing the Travel Form on your camp in touch account.

We will pick up and drop campers at Asheville Regional Airport in Arden NC, Greensville Spartanburg Airport in Greenville SC or Charlotte International Airport. There is a $10 fee to or from Asheville Airport, $65 fee for Greenville and $100 fee for Charlotte each way charged to the camper’s Camp Bank Account.

BAGGAGE: You may check a footlocker or camp trunk and duffel bag and carry on a bag that will go into the overhead lockers. All paddles must be checked. Please write your son’s name on the enclosed ID tag and attach one to each piece of baggage. You may also ship your sons baggage and trunk to camp prior to his arrival and it will be waiting in his cabin. UPS delivers to camp and comes to Brevard every working day.

Mailing Addresses

Address for ANYTHING going through the United States Post Office is:
Camp Carolina
P.O.Box 919,
Brevard, NC, 28712

Address for ANYTHING going through FedEx or UPS is:
Camp Carolina
1 Lambs Creek Road,
Brevard, NC, 28712

IMPORTANT: Fireworks are against the law in North Carolina. It is against Federal Aviation Administration laws to have any kind of fireworks, matches or lighter fluid in carry-on or checked baggage. It is also against Camp rules to have any tobacco, fireworks, matches, lighters, alcohol or illegal drugs.

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Spending Money

We recommend $35 per week. Please do not send cash to campers. Send a check to the camp office where it will be deposited into the camper’s bank account.

Expenditures at the Camp Store and Canteen will be debited against the camper’s account and any money left over will be refunded; or you will be billed for any overdraft.


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Packages of food

Because we serve plenty of good food and daily snacks, we ask that no food, drinks, candy or gum be brought or sent to camp. Packages containing these items will not be given to your son which can be unpleasant for him and us.

Food in the cabins is a health problem because it attracts insects and rodents.

Packages containing books and non-electronic games are welcome. Please put your son’s cabin # on his address. Mail is delivered daily.


Camp Gift Packs are available through Camp Pacs in Brevard.

Call toll free 1-800-248-CAMP Website:

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Places to stay in Brevard / Asheville

Mention promotion ‘camp’ at the Grand Bohemian Asheville for 15% discount

11 Boston Way
Asheville NC 28803
Phone: (828) 505 2949
Fax: (828) 505 4042

Mention promotion ‘CAROLINA’ at Campbell House when making a reservation to automatically receive a 10% discount.

Scott & Becky Wood
Elaine Wood
Campbell House – A Bed & Breakfast
Phone: 800-553-2853

Vacation Rental in Downtown Brevard
22 Times Arcade
Brevard NC 28712
Phone: (828) 553 5070

Luxury Vacation Rentals
Brevard NC 28712
Phone 704-691-2131

Lake Toxaway NC 28747
Phone: (828) 877 6333

159 Osceola Road
Hendersonville NC 28739
Phone: (828) 692 2544
Fax: (828) 692 2519

266 West Probart Street
Brevard NC 28712
Phone: (828) 884 9349

Lake Toxaway NC 28747
Phone: (828) 862 4207

Lake Toxaway NC 28747
Phone: (828) 966 4700

US 64 & US 276
Pisgah Forest NC 28768
Phone: (828) 883 4800

Cashiers NC 28717
Phone: (828) 743 2411

I-26 & Airport Rd,
Asheville NC 28732
Phone: (828) 684 1213

1570 Asheville Hwy,
Brevard NC 28712
Phone: (828) 862 8900

210 Asheville Hwy,
Brevard NC 28712
Phone: (828) 862 4200

783 N. Main St.
Hendersonville, NC
Phone: (828) 693 9193

Off US 64,
Pisgah Forest NC 28768
Phone: (828) 877 3131

Blue Ridge Parkway,
Canton NC 28716
Phone: (828) 235 8228
Open only: April 1 – October 31

1125 Island Ford Rd.
Brevard, NC 28712
Phone: (828) 884 7572

400 Ray Hill Rd.
Mills River, NC 28759
Phone: (828) 290 6080

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Health and Medical

Our camp doctor is Ora Wells, Pediatrician in Brevard. Dr. Wells will visit our camp twice a week. Campers needing emergency treatment will be taken to Transylvania Community Hospital. Parents will be billed for these services. Health & Accidental Insurance is required for your son while attending camp. We have 3 nurses living at our camp infirmary, with at least one on duty at all times.

All medications such as aspirin, cold remedies and first aid supplies are provided at our camp infirmary and administrated under the direction of our registered nurses. Please do not send these items to camp with your son. If your son takes routine medications, please indicate on your son’s health form and give all medications to the nurses on opening day. If your son is on medication to help him concentrate and to be more successful in school we suggest he remains on those medications at camp. We need to know if you are taking your son off his medication for the summer. Medicine must be kept at the Infirmary, prescriptions are the parents’ financial responsibility.

Our HEALTH FORM is available on your camper in touch account. We require campers to have had a physical within one year of the date of their arrival. Please indicate any physical injuries your son has had since their last physical. If you son has been exposed to any disease within a period of time before opening date of camp making his presence in camp an endangerment to other campers, he must delay his arrival here until the danger of contagion has passed. The camper Health Form will be due by May 1st. We will do a camper health screening with your child on opening day. This is your opportunity to talk to the nurses and give them any prescription medication.

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Unhappy Camper?

If letters reaching you from your son are unsatisfactory, please realize that it takes some boys longer than others to make the adjustment. Your son is not going to stop what he’s doing when he’s having fun to write a letter. Boys only opportunity to write is during downtime when they are likely to think about home. Some of these letters will be classic and worth keeping to read at their weddings or graduation. Others could possibly be of a more serious nature.

Alfred keeps three lists that are updated twice daily.

  • One is Homesick
  • the second is Wildman
  • the third is Infirmary

If you call because you’ve received an Unhappy Camper Letter we will check these lists.

If your son is on one of the lists we will fill you in.

If your son is not on any of our lists – “no news is good news”. In either case we can have his counselor or head counselor call you and give you a report.

If your son is experiencing serious problems here whether it is social, medical or with homesickness you will hear from us. Together we can turn most boys around so that everybody here has a positive experience.

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Marking Clothes

All possessions brought to camp, including clothing, shoes, tennis racquets, golf clubs, rollerblades and any athletic equipment should be clearly marked in indelible ink.

These items and clothing may be lost, mildewed or borrowed and not returned. Therefore, we urge you not to go out and buy a lot of new clothing and equipment.

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Fees and Refunds

There is a $700 registration fee, $250 of which is non refundable.

There is a $500 October 1 payment, a $500 December 1 payment, a $500 February 1 payment and the balance is due by April 1.

If cancellation occurs before February 1st by written notice (mail, email or fax) all but $250 will be refunded. If cancellation occurs after February 1st, there will be no refund. There is no reduction for campers arriving late or leaving early.

A statement for each payment will be mailed to you ten days prior to due date.

Please make checks payable to:
Camp Carolina, PO Box 919, Brevard NC 28712.

Our fee is all inclusive, except for incidentals and camp store charges. Spending money may be sent with the final payment to establish a camp bank account for each camper. We suggest $35/wk for each session. We will refund excess in camp bank or will bill you if your son is overdrawn.

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Cabin Assignments

Attending camp provides an extraordinary opportunity for the camper to gain the self-reliance, self-confidence and independence important to a young boy’s development. Therefore, we strongly discourage visitation by parents and relatives. We highly recommend that parents visit camp on opening and closing day of the camp session. At these times parents are encouraged to meet the staff and view the camp facility.

We do not recommend requesting that close friends be assigned to the same cabin. However, we will put together two boys of the same school grade if requested by the parents of both boys.

We reserve the right of final decision. Request must be made in writing four weeks prior to arrival.

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Parents should not call their son except in an emergency or on a special occasion such as their son’s birthday.

If you have messages for or concerns about your son, please call:

Office — (828) 884-2414;
Infirmary — (828) 884-2428;
or Fax — (828) 884-2454

Camp Carolina | P.O. Box 919, Brevard, North Carolina, 28712 | Telephone : 1-800-551-9136 | 1-828-884-2414 | Email: