F/S Covid-19 Policies

The following information is for the 2021 season. 

April 16, 2021   Pre-Arrival Information

All of the below information for Father & Son Weekend is very important. Please review thoroughly.

  • We will be creating your activity schedule and assigning your cabin ahead of time. Please click on this Pre Arrival Form to submit your preferences. This form is due no later than April 23rd.
  • Please ensure you have reviewed all Covid-19 Father-Son Weekend policies below. We have updated information regarding your pre arrival negative COVID-19 documentation. Each individual attendee must submit ONE of the following documents BEFORE their arrival. Email to office@campcarolina.com
  1. A negative molecular (PCR) COVID test result. An antigen or antibody test will not be accepted. Please make sure that the testing location can get the results back to you in time for your arrival. Must be tested within 3-5 days of arrival. 
  2. Proof of a Positive Covid-19 result. Please make sure that this positive result was within 90 days of the start of the weekend. This positive result cannot be within 14 days of the start of your arrival.
  3. A vaccination card proving you are FULLY VACCINATED.  People are considered fully vaccinated:

             o     2 weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or

             o    2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine

You will be required to submit a 10-day Health Log on arrival. This form will be sent to you 2 weeks before you travel to camp. Please review your calendar and ensure you are able to limit your chance of exposure for the 10 days prior to your arrival.  Record your temperature and symptoms for 10 days prior to your arrival.  

  • Limit your exposure to other people outside of your household as much as possible
  • Wear a face covering when with others outside of your household
  • Practice social distancing where possible.
  • Avoid unnecessary potential exposure events-such as parties, eating out, weddings, sporting events etc 


  • Review the attached updated What to Bring list.  We can experience chilly nights in May.  Our cabins are open air, so please check the Brevard, NC forecast and bring appropriate clothing and bedding (including linens, pillows and sleeping bags, as well as warm layers). Pay particular attention to our mask requirements which we have updated. Please ensure you pack:
    • 4 double-layer cloth masks or gaiters. OR Disposable
    • surgical masks (enough for 2-3 per day)

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. See you for the best weekend of the year!



February 17, 2021

We are so enthusiastic to welcome our Father & Sons to Camp Carolina and are looking forward to a weekend of father-son bonding, adventure and excitement! We have had to make some changes to the weekends to keep our families safe. We believe fathers and sons will still experience the magic of Camp Carolina with these changes and we cannot wait to spend the weekend with you at the Best Place on Earth!

Father & Son Weekend 2021 Covid-19 Policies

*Updated 4/14 - Mask Requirements

Please ensure you pack: 

  • 4 double-layer cloth masks or gaiters. OR
  • Disposable surgical masks (enough for 2-3 per day)

Pre Arrival

  • Father-Sons are required to obtain a negative PCR test 3-5 days before their arrival.
  • The negative PCR test needs to be submitted to camp before their arrival.
  • Father-Sons are required to social distance and wear masks for 10 days before their arrival.
  • Father-Sons are required to take their temperature and record symptoms each day for 10 days prior to their arrival and submit this to camp.



  • Father-Sons may drive or fly to camp.
  • If you fly you must rent a car and drive to camp.
  • Father-Sons need to strictly wear masks and social distance to the best of their ability from members of the public on their travels.
  • Father-Sons may be asked to undergo additional testing on arrival to camp.
  • Father-Sons need to arrive between 3PM and 7PM on Thursday (or schedule a check in time if after hours).
  • All Father-Sons will undergo a Check In including temperature and symptom checks at arrival. If Father-Sons travel to camp with another family, they are required to wear masks in the vehicle OR be assigned a cabin with that family.



  • A Father-Son family will be on one side of a cabin and another Father-Son family will be on the other side of the cabin. Cabins are “open air” and will have their own entrance/exits however there is no interior door separating each half. You will be assigned a cabin before your arrival.
  • Father-Sons can request to be in a cabin with one other Father-Son.
  • Masks are not required in the cabin.
  • Father Sons will communicate distancing expectations with the other family sharing the cabin
  • Cabins will be assigned times and stalls to shower.



  • You will be able to pre-sign for your favorite activities before you arrive at camp.
  • On arrival you will be provided with your activity schedule.
  • Activities will be catered to adhere to mask wearing and/or social distancing guidelines.
  • Sample of shorter in camp activities (to be determined)
  1. Tennis
  2. Archery
  3. Riflery
  4. Waterfront/aqua toys
  5. Ziplining/Giant Slide
  6. Paddle boarding/Kayaking
  7. Golf
  • Half Day adventure activities (to be determined)
  1. Horse riding
  2. Fly Fishing
  3. Mountain Biking
  4. Exploration Hike of the Camp Carolina property 
  5. Man Vs Wild
  • Evening Programs will be whole group activities which we can do while socially distancing and/or wearing masks.



  • Cabins will dine together 6 feet apart from other cabins.
  • Masks will be required when entering/exiting the dining hall.
  • Outside dining options will be available.


Covid-19 Policies

  • Increased cleaning and sanitization practices will be implemented.
  • An additional $100 Covid fee per person will be required for additional costs and services.
  • We do not recommend Father-Sons attend if they have any underlying health issues that put them at risk for covid-19 complications.
  • A signed and dated waiver will be required and on file at camp before arriving for your Father & Son Weekend.
  • No additional family members (mothers, siblings etc) will be permitted to visit during the weekend and must remain in their vehicle if picking up/dropping off a Father-Son.



  • The $100.00 per person Covid Fee is due by April 1, 2021.
  • This can be paid by calling the camp office on (828) 884-2414 and paying by credit card or by sending a check to Camp Carolina.
  • If you decide to not attend a Father & Son Weekend 2021, you can cancel for a full refund or roll over your payment to a Father & Son Weekend 2022.


We must receive the cancellation in writing to office@campcarolina.com by April 1, 2021. If you have any additional questions, please let us know by replying to this email. We thank you for your trust in Camp Carolina and hope to see you in May!

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