Housing Options and Pricing

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: Children aged 2-12 will receive a $100.00 discount per child off of their group booking.  (5-night stay)

Meal Package: Breakfast and Lunch (to go) will be provided for all accommodation options.

Please note meals and activities require 48-hour notice to guarantee availability. Please call the office if within 48 hours' notice to ensure we can provide these options.

Rustic Option: Historic Camp Carolina Cabin

Price: $2,000 for up to a family of 4. Additional $250 per person, up to a total of 6 per cabin. (Price based on a 5 night session).

Sleeps: 6 single army-style cots

Bathroom: External bath house-Assigned shower time.

Kitchen: No

Description: Live like a Camp Carolina camper! A true summer camp experience. Stay in one of our 1924 cabins-complete with screened windows and doors, a porch perfect for sitting on as the sun goes down and a short boardwalk to your bathhouse. The bathhouse has individual stalls for bathrooms and showers.


Luxury Deluxe Option: Belmont

Price: $5000  (Price based on a 5 night session).

Sleeps: 8

Kitchen: Yes

Description: Our most luxurious accommodation at Camp Carolina! A beautifully furnished and air conditioned house that sleeps up to 8 with 1 king bed, 2 double beds and 2 single beds in 3 rooms. The master had a bathtub and a beautiful mountain view. A fully equipped kitchen, living area, and amazing upper porch to relax on-it is a perfect camp getaway. 


Rustic Deluxe: Log Cabin

Price:  (Price based on a 5 night session).

Option1: Apartment A - $4,000

Option 2: Apartment B - $4,500

Sleeps: Apt B -10, Apt A - 7

Kitchen: Yes (on both levels)

Description: Set in the woods of Camp Carolina, a short walk from the center of camp sits the log cabin. With a variety of bunk beds and single army-style beds, this is perfect for larger families wanting a kitchen and in-house bathroom. Please note this building will be shared with two families on 2 different levels. Both floors have individual entrances and kitchens/bathrooms


Rustic Deluxe: Piney Mountain Lodge

Price:  (Price based on a 5 night session).

Option1: Entire House $6,500

Option 2: Upstairs only $4,000 (no kitchen)

Sleeps: 15 (if you rent the entire house)

or 11 (if you rent the upstairs only)

Kitchen: Yes (downstairs only) 

Amenities: Air conditioning

Description: Nestled in the center of camp. Piney Mountain Lodge has a variety of queen beds and single army-style beds. This is perfect for larger families wanting a kitchen and in house bathroom. You have the option of only booking the top floor without the kitchen. Both floors have individual entrances and bathrooms. 


Rustic Deluxe: Meese Manor

Price: $6,500  (Price based on a 5 night session).

Sleeps: 15

Kitchen: Yes

Description: Meese Manor is set in the middle of camp with a beautiful view over the lake and mountains. The original building on the Camp Carolina property and can accommodate very large groups. With a private twin single room, master bedroom, and a large bunk room, it is perfect for groups, families, and kids.

Got something else in mind or want a custom accommodation package (aka rent multiple cabins or cabins + another building). No problem, email kylie@campcarolina.com and we will get you set up.


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