Hiring Fairs

International Hiring Fairs

12/02/17 Melbourne, Austrailia CCUSA
12/03/17 Sydney, Austrailia  CCUSA
01/10/18 Melbourne, Austailia Camp Leaders
01/11/18 Sydney, Austrailia Camp Leaders
01/12/18 Dublin, Ireland Interecxhange 
01/13/18 Melbourne, Austrailia Camp America
01/14/18 Sydney, Australia  Camp America
01/17/18 Auckland, New Zealand Camp America
01/19/18 London, Enlgand Interexchange 
01/21/17 Edinburgh, Scotland Interexchange
01/23/18 Edinburgh, Scotland Camp America
01/25/18 Manchester, England Camp America
01/27/18 London, England Camp America
01/30/18 Budapest, Hungary Camp Leaders
02/01/18 Prague, Czech Republic Camp Leaders
02/24/18 London, England Camp America


We want to meet you in person!

Camp Carolina is dedicated to hiring the most experienced, qualified and passionate counselors in the world so every year we travel world wide to recruitment fairs across the globe. We would love to meet YOU at one of these fairs! If our paths will not meet we would still love to hear from you-email kylie@campcarolina.com to learn how to apply online. 

At the fairs you will have the oppurtunity to interview with a Camp Carolina director and be offered a placement on the spot. We love to interview enthusiastic counselors who have done their research and have great questions about CCB and the position they are interested.

We hope to see you world wide soon!

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