Summer team

Adam Tewell

Adam Tewell


Hello, my name is Adam and I am from Atlanta Georgia. I am 17 years old and just finished my junior year in high school. I play on the varsity basketball team and work at an afterschool program through the local pre-school.

What are you most proud of/biggest achievement in life so far?:

My biggest achievement in life so far is probably my academics. As of now, I have a 4.0 GPA however my close second would be playing on the varsity basketball team.
What is your favorite hobby/sport/thing to do during your free time?:

My favorite hobby is basketball. I love to play basketball with my friends and people I meet on the court.
What is your favorite thing about working with children?:

My favorite part about working with children is their joy. It never ceases to amaze me how they stay so happy even if something got them down temporarily.
What impact are you most excited to make this year at CCB?:

I would love to help some kids learn some basketball skills but more broadly I would like to help the kids at camp fit in and have a wonderful time at camp just like I did.
What goal or camp philosophy do you really want your campers to learn this summer?:

I would like to help campers come into new activities with a positive and open mind because there are so many things I discovered at camp that i'd never thought of before and a lot of them turned out to be tons of fun.

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