Summer team

Connor Christensen

Connor Christensen


I'm Connor and I'm from Salt Lake City, Utah. I love swimming, reading, and playing board games! I'm currently a freshman in college, and I teach swimming lessons on the side. Fantasy books are my favorite, but I like all different kinds of books.

What are you most proud of/biggest achievement in life so far?:

I was a Boy Scout and eventually became an Eagle Scout.
What is your favorite hobby/sport/thing to do during your free time?:

Swimming is my favorite sport. 
What is your favorite thing about working with children?:

My favorite thing about working with children is teaching them new things. 
What impact are you most excited to make this year at CCB?:

I want to make sure every child at camp has an amazing time at the Waterfront.
What goal or camp philosophy do you really want your campers to learn this summer?:

I want my campers to be able to get out of their comfort zone. I think it's important for children to grow and learn, especially when it's scary or intimidating.


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