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Thomas Dyer

Thomas Dyer

Adventure Staff

Hi, my name is Thomas, I’m from the land down under, Australia (Melbourne), and I am so excited to be heading to Camp Carolina for Summer 2023. My passion is filmmaking, photography/videography and I can’t wait to capture all the fun of camp on film as well as share my knowledge and skills with the campers. I also love keeping fit and playing sports, such as basketball, tennis, soccer, and Aussie Rules. I am an enthusiastic and fun guy who loves making people smile. I am looking forward to creating a fun environment for everyone at Camp Carolina. Bring it on!

What are you most proud of/biggest achievement in life so far?:

My proudest achievement to date is writing and directing two short films while studying for my Diploma in Film Production last year. I started writing scripts when the world went into lockdown, it gave me something to focus on and goals to set for when the pandemic blew over. Working with an awesome team to create the final product was such an amazing achievement and has cemented my love for storytelling through film.
What is your favorite hobby/sport/thing to do during your free time?:

A close second to filmmaking is basketball. I have been playing since I was a little kid and still play competitively every Wednesday night on a team with my mates.  I love watching it, talking about it, and playing it. I also love buying basketball shoes and have a nice collection, which I will try to add to when I’m in the US. Probably one of the biggest things I will miss when I am at camp is playing '21' with my younger brother in the backyard but I know there will be no shortage of little brothers to challenge me while I’m at camp.
What is your favorite thing about working with children?:

When kids succeed at something that they thought they wouldn’t matter, that look of pride and happiness on their faces, that’s my favorite thing about working with children. I love being part of that and teaching them skills that were once hard for me too. I love encouraging them to keep going so they can get that great feeling of achievement.
What impact are you most excited to make this year at CCB?:

I am most excited about helping kids from all different backgrounds come together to make one big brotherhood. Nothing makes me happier than seeing kids making new friends. I want to encourage the kids to be themselves and help them see that it’s our differences that make us interesting. I want to make sure everyone is getting involved, and feeling included and they all leave with the best memories of camp.
What goal or camp philosophy do you really want your campers to learn this summer?:

I want the kids to leave camp with the mindset that they can do anything that they put their minds to. Whether it’s learning a new skill, overcoming fear and trying a new adventure or just putting themselves out there to make new friends, if they are determined to achieve something, they will. Life throws challenges at us, so this is the best skill to learn at a young age. I plan to encourage the kids to try new things throughout camp and also be a great role model in this area.


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