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10/18/20 Morrison Family - Charleston, SC 4pm EST COMPLETE
10/19/20 Coleman Family - Pensacola, FL 5pm CDT COMPLETE
10/19/20 Doehne Family - Baltimore, MD 5pm EST COMPLETE
10/20/20 Lovic Family - Atlanta, GA 6:00pm EST COMPLETE
10/21/20 Lacoff Family - Durham, NC 5pm EST COMPLETE
10/21/20 Davis Family - Concord, NC 6pm EST COMPLETE
10/22/20 Bickerstaff Family - Nashville, TN

6pm CDT

10/22/20 Boyd Family - Tampa, FL 6pm EST COMPLETE
10/22/20 Barnett Family - New Orleans, LA 6:30pm CDT COMPLETE
10/23/20 Rubin Family - Chevy Chase, MD 5pm EST CLICK HERE
10/25/20 O'Connor/Tappen Family - Washington, DC 4pm EST CLICK HERE
10/26/20 Dewoskin Family - Atlanta, GA 5pm EST CLICK HERE
10/26/20 Gold Family - Savannah, GA 6pm EST CLICK HERE
10/26/20 Campbell Family - Indianapolis, IN 6pm EST CLICK HERE
10/27/20 Camp Carolina - Any Location Welcome 6pm EST CLICK HERE
10/28/20 Little Family - Birmingham, AL 6pm CDT CLICK HERE
10/28/20 Wooten/Gay Family - Atlanta, GA 6pm EST CLICK HERE
11/08/20 Glascock Family - Nashville, TN 6pm CDT CLICK HERE
11/09/20 Beaver Family - Gainesville, FL 6pm EST CLICK HERE


What a day it is for a camp Carolina virtual party!

We are ENTHUSIASTICALLY inviting you and your family to join us for a Virtual Camp Carolina party this Fall! We will be gathering online with other local new, return and prospective NC families and would love for you to join us.

The virtual party will last around 30 minutes and will be hosted by a Camp Director or two. We will talk about awesome updates for summer 2021 and give everyone a chance to get involved and ask questions.

Hosted on ZOOM

Boy are we Enthusiastic that we can offer Camp Carolina parties! Jump online to meet and ask questions with a Camp Carolina Director, meet other first-time/prospective campers in your areas and speak with a returning Camp Family!

What will you cover? 

We will cover many FAQ and details including food at camp, Opening Day, what our cabins and bathrooms are like as well as answer questions you may have (the option to answer questions in private is available). Together we will watch the camp movie and get excited for summer 2021! Perfect for new families who may be a little nervous about camp or are looking into their camp options. The whole family is invited to login.

We have BRAND NEW 2020 exclusive Camp Carolina hats that are only available by attending a Virtual Party this year. Once you register on the below zoom link we will have the hats and some camp swag in the mail to wear to the virtual party.

Please contact with any questions

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