What To Expect

What to expect

We are so excited to be offering Family and Group retreats for summer 2020! These retreats are designed for families and small groups who will be quarantining together at the Best Place on Earth.  Although we could not run regular camp sessions this summer, due to COVID-19 restrictions we believe that families can safely enjoy the Camp Carolina property, cabins, and delicious food while connecting with each other.

Each session will run for a minimum of 3 nights and includes breakfast and lunch “to go” and a selection of free “do it yourself” activities on site. Mom's, sister's, aunt's, uncle's, grandparents, and friends are all invited. There is also an option for some of our favorite off-site trips at an additional fee. We are not “living by the gong” with a summer schedule.  Families will create their own “all up time”, rest hours, activity schedules, and evening plans. We will have a select few Camp Carolina staff to lifeguard, clean, and provide you with delicious breakfast and lunches. The “do it yourself” activities on site will not be staffed with instructors unless requested on the registration form. 

We have designed our packages to be as basic or as detailed and customized as you would like-with optional activity add ons. Email kylie@campcarolina.com if you have any additional questions.

General Logistics

  • Check in is between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm. Make sure you have plans for dinner-we suggest one of our awesome local restaurants in Brevard-with either a “to go” or dine in order

  • Check out is by 12:00 noon. We will provide you with a lunch that can be taken on the road with you

  • There is no option for early check-in or late check-out. 

  • The first session (June 23-June 28) will be restricted to residents from  NC, GA, VA, SC, and TN.

  • The infirmary is not staffed and is converted into housing for other groups for the summer. Transylvania County Hospital is a 5 minute drive and there is an urgent care in Brevard. We have Epi Pens, Inhalers, and minor first aid kits at some activity sites and in the office and we will have a first aid trained staff member on off-site trips. For after hours or emergencies, please utilize Transylvania County Hospital.

  • Please store any drinks or snacks in your car or bear box if you are in a building with screened windows/doors to avoid pests attempting to enter the building.

  • Wifi is available on the office porch.

  • Breakfast is available from 8:30 am to 9:30 am and lunch from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm. Cooking some of our favorite camp dishes! The rest of the week is your opportunity to try out local restaurants with either dine-in, take out or delivery.


Pricing and Dates

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: Children aged 2-12 will receive a $100.00 discount per child off of their group booking. (5-night stay)

  • We can customize your length of stay between Tues-Sundays (Sunday afternoon and Monday are cleaning days) Please see our dates and session options here.

  • We have a variety of pricing options ranging from a historic camp cabin for 6 people up to large houses for groups of up to 15 people. These large houses are fully equipped with multiple interior bathrooms and a kitchen. 

  • There is no charge for children under the age of 2.

  • See full building descriptions here

  • You may be sharing the property with up to 15 other small groups during your stay however your accommodation will be private. All groups are required to social distance at all times during their stay.


Travel to camp and check-in

  • Travel to camp-due to increased risk of exposure with flying, we recommend that our family/group retreat attendees drive to Camp Carolina instead of flying.

  • Check-in will include signing a waiver, taking your temperature, and recording your symptoms from the past 10 days. The employee checking you in will be wearing a mask and we ask all guests over the age of 2 to also be wearing a mask until check-in is complete.

  • Equipment for the free activities (such as sports balls etc) are provided at check-in. These are yours to use throughout your stay. Please ensure they are kept in your possession to ensure other family groups do not use/lose your equipment and that we keep everyone safe. Please leave all equipment in your housing at check out. Your cleaning and equipment deposit will be returned after check out.


Rules and Policies

  • Guests not registered with the group cannot come on-site for any reason.

  • Please only use restrooms in your assigned living area.

  • Intoxicated group members will not be permitted to take part in any activities.

  • Social Distancing between family groups is required at all times. Family groups should not intermingle at activities or in buildings and should remain 6 feet apart. The only people allowed in your accommodation are the people in your family group booking.

  • Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by and supervised by an adult at all times. We cannot provide childcare throughout your stay.

  • Please do not bring pets. 

  • Smoking, vaping, and the use of tobacco products is prohibited on site.

  • Alcohol is allowed for guests over the age of 21. Please drink responsibly. Obvious intoxication is not permitted and guests may be asked to leave.

  • Quiet hours are from 10:00 pm-8:00 am.

  • No large multi-family group gatherings allowed.


Activity Logistics

  • You are required to have a lifeguard present for all swimming. All activities outside the designated swim area require a lifejacket for all members of the family group. Please bring a lifejacket for children under the age of 6.

  • Families may be required to select certain times for certain facility use, especially the waterfront to ensure social distancing. We will provide these details on arrival.

  • Additional activities will be available for an extra cost on registration. Example: Wakeboarding, sea kayaking, tennis lessons, archery, and riflery. See more details here

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