Home Shows

Meet a director!

Want to know more about Camp Carolina? Have questions you would like to ask? Want to meet other local camp families? We love to answer all questions at our Home Shows. Come along and meet new and returning camp families and get the chance to meet one of our incredible directors. 

At each show, a returning camp family will host CCB and new families into their home for a Pizza Party! We will talk about Camp Carolina, watch the new 2020 promotional video and answer questions from parents and campers. Prospective and new families invited, bring the whole family. 

Please email kylie@campcarolina.com to find out more details and request to attend a Pizza Party!


Home Show tour 2019/2020

09/28/19 Nashville, TN
09/28/19 Atlanta, GA
09/30/19 Nashville, TN
10/01/19 Nashville, TN
10/03/19 Memphis, TN
10/04/19 Atlanta, GA
10/07/19 Atlanta, GA
10/07/19 Charlotte, NC
10/08/19 Winston-Salem, NC
10/09/19 Durham, NC
10/10/19 Outer Banks, NC
10/16/19 Charlotte, NC
10/16/19 Mount Pleasant, SC
10/18/19 Savannah, GA
10/19/19 Jacksonville, FL
10/20/19 Cocoa Beach, FL
10/21/19 Atlanta, GA
10/21/19 Gainsville, FL
10/22/19 Orlando, FL
10/23/19 Orlando, FL
10/24/19 Tampa, FL
10/28/19 Atlanta, GA
10/28/19 Charlotte, NC
10/29/19 Birmingham, AL
11/04/19 Kingsport, TN
11/09/19 Chevy Chase, Maryland
11/10/19 Washington, DC
11/11/19 Atlanta, GA
11/12/19 Pensacola, FL
11/15/19 New Orleans, LA
11/19/19 Ormand Beach, FL
11/20/19 Vero Beach. FL
11/21/19 Key West, FL
11/22/19 Miami, FL

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