Comfort Zones

March 12th, 2020

Moving to the other side of the world, without your usual support network, to work in a job you have never done before is definitely enough to push you out of your comfort zone. If it’s been a while (or you never have!) since you were outside your comfort zone, it can be a little nerve-wracking. But did you know when you are outside your comfort zone, you head into your learning zone and that is where the magic happens? See image below

Your comfort zone is your day to day. Everything is pretty predictable, no big surprises, you know your schedule, you know your job and tasks and you are feeling confident and competent. Life is easy. But it is also easy to get bored, disinterested and unmotivated in your comfort zone.

When you enter your stretch zone-this is where the learning will happen. YOU WILL BE IN YOUR STRETCH ZONE A MAJORITY/IF NOT ALL OF YOUR SUMMER AT CCB! Almost everything will be out of your comfort zone-new living situations, new food, new bathroom situation, new people, new bosses, new culture, new accents, new words/phrases, new rules and policies, new side of the road to drive on… We could go on! BUT THIS IS HOW YOU GROW! You will make mistakes, you will learn, you will relearn until this new environment and job becomes comfortable. And then you come back for a second year and begin the growth position in a new role all over again.

How does it feel in the stretch zone? Some days-AWESOME! You are alive, challenged, thinking creatively, succeeding and accomplishing. Some days-NOT SO AWESOME! You are nervous, scared, homesick, craving the comfort zone. Feeling these things is OK! You will never grow and be challenged without feeling these feelings.

The panic zone is where we do not want you to spend long. In the panic zone, you feel panicked and anxious and you are spending all your energy managing these emotions and no time learning. If you find yourself in the panic zone it is important to step back and bring your breathing under control. If you can get back into the stretch zone yourself-awesome! If not-it is time to let a Director know so they can help with your growth.

It is important to acknowledge that everyone's circles are of a different diameter and that growth happens at different rates and phases. It is helpful to recognize that you will be outside of your comfort zone when you get to camp and to trust that while not always comfortable, that growth is happening!


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