Coronavirus Update

March 12th, 2020

Coronavirus Update

One of the hot topics moving into summer 2020, as I am sure you are aware of is the spread of CoronaVirus. As you know, the situation is changing on a regular basis but we are working closely with our local county and state health departments as well as following the CDCs recommendations. As always, the health and safety of our camp community is paramount and we are planning on increasing/adding certain health-related procedures to do our best to keep everyone healthy. Below are the details.

  1. We will be requiring a full travel history from the past  6 months from all staff 2 weeks before their scheduled arrival. This will be an online form filled out on camp in touch.

  2. We will be requiring a form 2 days before you fly outlining any illnesses you have had and any current symptoms you have.

  3. All staff will go through a health screening within 24 hours of their arrival, at the same time as they are drug tested.

  4. We will have a staff member positioned at handwashing stations in the dining hall, reminding staff and customers to properly wash their hands and provide a second, additional hand sanitizer step.

  5. Increase our signage in bathrooms/dining halls reminding staff and customers to wash their hands.

  6. Increase the frequency of cleaning of bathrooms/communal areas by the maintenance staff.

  7. Implement a cabin cleaning schedule for May (just staff) to disinfect the cabin and contents on a weekly basis.

  8. Health screen all instructors and students from outside the Camp Carolina community, on arrival.

We have not had any camper cancelations at this stage and are at full capacity, with waitlists for most of the summer. All other summer camps in the area are operating as planned, with increased health screenings, like we are. Local experts believe summer camps will operate as normal. We have always had a pandemic operating plan in place and are confident we will be able to handle issues if they did arise. Camp Carolina has operated in past summers through the Asian Flu, two Polio epidemics, the Swine Flu, as well as many other “lesser” viruses and health concerns. We will keep you up to date with any changes but we are optimistically prepared for an awesome summer!

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