Fitness at Camp

March 12th, 2020

One thing is for sure-the step count on most of your tracking devices are about to go up! 

Working at camp will most likely be one of the most physical jobs you will ever have. We recommend an intermediate + level of fitness for all staff-with Photo Video, Earthworks, Mountaineering, White Water and Horseback being on the higher end of required fitness.

On a regular day in camp-staff will walk on hilly/rough terrain for approximately 5 miles a day (8km) in humid conditions. The Dining Hall is situated on top of a fairly tall hill-so expect to be hiking up that at least 3 times a day. If you are on a tripping program expect to be lifting heavy equipment and biking/kayaking/climbing etc that will require a decent level of strength. Several evening and weekend games require a lot of running and aerobic fitness which is important to be involved and enjoy the full camp experience. It is awesome how quickly your body adapts and how strong and healthy you feel after just a week or so working at CCB.

If working on your fitness is on your to do list-the great news is there is still plenty of time! Here are a few links to 4-6 week fitness and strength programs to get you started. Happy working out!


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