It IS a real Job

March 12th, 2020

Leadership, negotiation, communication, patience, delegating, evaluating etc etc etc. The amount of personal and professional development you will experience this summer is second to none (in our opinion) to any other summer job/internship options. Being 100% responsible for another adults child is the biggest responsibility you can be given and it is a gift we will all experience this summer. 

Yes, this will probably be the "funnest" job you have ever had (where else do you get paid to chase people around with shaving foam or kayak all day) and it can be hard to explain exactly what you have done each summer but The American Camp Association has come up with “Project Real Job” to help you all explain to others the importance of your work each summer and how to translate this growth and experience on to your resume. 

Check out the resources below and enjoy answering the “what do you do during the summer” questions!


Real Job Resource

Boost Your Resume

Skills you Will Develop



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