Social Distancing?

March 18th, 2020

As most of the world heads into voluntary and involuntary social distancing due to the Covid-19 we have some tips and tricks to help you through. Read on!

Set yourself up a schedule! Make sure you have an alarm set, get changed into "proper clothes", eat a good breakfast etc. You can use your normal commute time later in the day for maybe some yoga, a nap or connecting with friends. Try not to get in a habit of sleeping and staying up late. On your schedule, where you would normally socialize, play sport etc there will now be big blocks of time. This is perfect for picking up a new hobby, reading that book you have always wanted to read or workout. You now have more time at home than ever before! Make sure you schedule and official start and end to your work time.

Set yourself up a work area. Try and set it in a calm place, with minimal distractions (no tv), with all your basic office staples. Make it a rule that your only work/study when in that spot! It can be so easy when at home to spiral into being connected to work 24/7. And this aint good for your mental health! Here are some tips!

Plan something fun in the future! We all need something to look forward to and the pandemic WILL (no matter how long away it feels!) end and life will go back to normal. Plan the most EPIC month-long road trip around the US. Connect with people working at camp this summer via Facebook or Slack and start working out where you want to visit. Look at logistics like car rentals, hotels vs air bnbs, places you want to eat, things you want to see. You can't help but feel excited about it! Check out these amazing American Road Trips

Stay connected with friends and family! It will get lonely, quick. So set up facetime dates with friends and loved ones. Organize to watch a movie or TV episode together and you can talk throughout. Pick up a pen and paper and write a handwritten note of thanks to someone who you really admire. Start building friends with people who will be working at camp this summer online.

Schedule time slots for your physical and mental wellness. There are SO MANY gyms and apps currently offering at-home workouts for free. Take advantage of these! We all know how much better we feel after a workout. Don't neglect your mental health. This is a stressful and anxious time for some. Schedule in 30 minutes of yoga, or meditation, or journaling. We love yoga with Adrienne which has yoga for all people and reasons! We love Head Space for mental wellness.

Get some fresh air! Research hikes in your local area. Get to a local park and go for a brisk walk on your lunch break. Kayaking, biking, climbing, swimming etc are all going to be good for you physically, mentally and immunology wise. 

Get out of the house without leaving home. Many amazing places have released virtual tours-here are some of our faves

What are your favorite ways to keep healthy and busy while at home?

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