Raise a Ruckus

What Is Raise A Ruckus?

Raise A Ruckus is a Benefit Weekend that raises money for disadvantaged children. The primary non-profit that this event benefits is the Nath Thompson Scholarship Fund which sends kids who otherwise could not afford it to Summer Camp at Camp Carolina. Raise A Ruckus is a fun way for us to raise money for these kids. By having adults come from near and far to experience an adult-version of Camp Carolina, they can see and experience first-hand what an amazing opportunity it is for a child to attend camp in the summer. We also hope you'll stay with us through Sunday night to celebrate the solar eclipse Monday afternoon before heading out!

What do I get as a registrant?

We will be running all kinds of activities on the Camp Carolina property. Some people will want to hang out at the waterfront all day which includes diving boards, an Aqua Slide, Aqua Trampoline, Bike Jump into the lake, Zipline into the lake, Paddle Boarding, Sea Kayaking, and more!! We'll also offer tennis, hiking, mountain biking, climbing our Climbing Wall, Golf on our Driving Range, Disc Golf on our 9-hole course, Corn Hole, and more!! We'll have the 'Carolina Cafe' open in the mornings for freshly made cappuccinos and coffee with local and organic Dynamite Roasting Co. beans! We'll provide Dinner on Friday night, Brunch on Saturday morning, and Dinner Saturday night as well. The meat for these meals will be donated by a local grassfed meat farm called Hickory Nut Gap. We'll have beer available for purchase throughout the event, donated by local craft breweries like Oscar Blues Brewery and others. you can buy beer tickets when you get here & we'll give you some at no additional cost when you check in if you've registered in advance!

What is the Nath Thompson Scholarship Fund?

The Nath Thompson Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)3 non-profit. This scholarship fund is a piece of Nath's legacy, and its purpose is to send boys to Camp Carolina who would not otherwise be able to afford it. Boys are able to experience community living, the wonders of nature, the thrills of high adventure, the simplicity of life, value of human relations, and gain self-reliance. Boys leave Camp Carolina stronger in body, keener in mind, more appreciative of nature, nobler in character, and more confident in themselves.  

Registration is open on the link below!

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