Accommodation at Camp

cabin life 

We believe in the importance of community living here at Camp Carolina. The majority of the cabins are the original cabins built in 1925. 

In 1924, the first summer, the 100 boys in attendance stayed in tents on wood platforms. The second summer 200 boys attended for 8 weeks and 105 for 4 weeks – a full camp! Thirty-two new cabins had been built by 1925.

The cabins hold a lot of history. It has been a tradition for each camper to write their name in the cabin at the end of their session. We have alumni come and find their names in the cabins where they stayed years before. 

Each cabin sleeps up to 8 people. For the younger boys grades Kindergarten-5th grade there are 6 campers and 2 counselors and for the older boys grades 6th-8th there are 7 campers and 1 counselor. 

Our oldest campers grades 9th-12th, the CA's(counselor assistants), live in a dorm-style house. 






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