Covid-19 Updates

DATE: 01/21/21


What a Day! Boy are we Enthusiastic that Camp Carolina will be open this summer!!! 

Are you wondering what will camp be like during a worldwide pandemic?  We may not be able to operate camp the exact same way we have for the past 97 years but rest assured we will have FUN!  This Boy's Summer Paradise will remain strong in its core values. Our goal is for boys to come home stronger in body, keener in mind, more appreciative of nature, nobler in character, and more confident in themselves. 

As the Covid-19 pandemic is continuously changing please note this document is a work in progress and will be modified as updated information is evaluated and incorporated into our official 2021 summer camp operating plan.

We are constantly reviewing information from local, state, and federal health organizations and collaborating with the American Camp Association and other camps to ensure we have the most up to date and relevant information to operate a safe and successful camp program. 


  • At this time Camp Carolina is not expecting or relying on our camper population to be vaccinated by the summer. Our current planning does not rely on campers or staff being vaccinated.

  • If part of our population is able to be vaccinated by the summer session then we will work on changing policies to use that to our campers’ advantage. We will provide our families with that information if it becomes available.



  • Campers will be asked to follow policies prior to arriving at camp for their session. Exact length and details will be provided once we receive official guidance; however we anticipate asking campers to wear face masks, quarantine, and record symptoms in the lead up to their session.

  • We will be asking our campers to be tested and provide a negative test result to Camp Carolina before arriving at camp. Exact details on which test and what timing the test must be completed will be communicated with families closer to the summer.

  • We plan to administer a rapid test for all campers on Opening Day. Campers must receive a negative test result before mixing with their cabin group.

  • We will provide more details about testing, screening and quarenteening as it gets closer to the start of camp. 



  • Our preference is for campers to be driven to camp in a private vehicle. If a camper must fly, they are required to wear a face covering and maintain social distancing during their travel. More details in regards to travel restrictions will be provided on a state and country basis closer to the summer.

  • We anticipate that campers will be assigned a specific window of time to arrive at camp. This will allow for rapid tests to be administered and campers to move into their cabins without lengthy waits.



  • Campers will likely be in “subgroups” which will consist of 1 or more cabins and counselors. We anticipate they will not be required to wear masks/social distance when with their subgroup.

  • We plan on campers attending their in camp activities and out of camp trips in their Tribe (several subgroups together) OR as a subgroup and may/may not be asked to wear a mask when interacting with each other outside of their subgroup (based on our testing procedures, regulations, and timing).

  • Campers may have to choose activities and  trips as a cabin or subgroup as opposed to individual camper choice. 

  • A majority of our out of camp trips have limited to zero public interaction so we do plan on being able to safely run a majority of our out of camp trips.

  • Campers in different subgroups and tribes will have limited interaction and will be required to practice mask wearing and strict social distancing. “All camp” evening and weekend games and free time will either require masks and social distancing or each subgroup or tribe will participate in their own evening and weekend games and free time.



  • We anticipate campers and staff to be required to wear masks for certain activities and events when social distancing between subgroups cannot be maintained.

  • As a primarily outdoor orientated camp we are well set up to provide a majority of activities where we can social distance in open air settings.



  • A majority of our meals are already served family style. We will not offer the breakfast bar, salad bar, and self serve options but the same delicious food will be delivered to our campers’ tables.

  • We will limit movement inside the dining hall. Campers will enter and exit in a one way system.

  • Singing and chanting will be performed outside in open air settings or while all members of the community are masked.

  • We anticipate we will have multiple meal sittings, additional dining areas, and will utilize outside dining areas (weather permitting) to allow for social distancing between subgroups.

  • Increased cleaning, mask stations, sanitization, and hand washing practices will be in place and monitored.



  • Our staff will be tested, screened, and quarantined on arrival and prior to the campers’ arrival. 

  • Staff will be required to wear face coverings during certain activities and events.

  • Staff will receive specific training on Covid-19 policies both before arriving at camp and during on-site training.

  • As usual, we will have at least 2 registered nurses on site at all times as well as access to the camp doctor 24/7.



We understand that sending your son to camp in 2021 may not be the right decision for your family. Campers in high risk categories will likely require a doctor's note signing that they are safe to attend a residential camp program. Families who are not comfortable with the increased risk of their son contracting covid-19 and/or our 2021 policies should not attend camp this summer. We are confident in providing our campers with a fun and enthusiastic summer camp experience however campers and their families must be aware that camp will not be exactly the same as previous summers.



Our medical team will have a comprehensive treatment and quarantine plan in place. At this stage we believe campers who test positive will need to be picked up within 24 hours. 



Our camp tuition payment plan helps us prepare for summer in addition to helping families space out payments over the year. Please note the payment plan details below.



$1000 Registration Fee ($250 is non-refundable)

$500 is due October 1st

$500 is due December 1st

$500 is due February 1st 

Balance is due April 1st


Paying your fees on time assists us in continuing our preparations for summer 2021. 


  • Enrollment after any payment due dates - previous payments are to be paid at the time of enrollment in addition to the Registration Fee.

  • If families choose to cancel before February 1, 2021 they will receive a full refund less $250.00 cancellation fee.

  • If families choose to cancel after February 1, 2021 there will be no refund.

  • If government restrictions do not allow camp to open and we must cancel at the last minute, our refund options will range from a full refund to rolling over all or partial payments to next season. 


We appreciate your support and trust and are looking forward to an incredible 2021 summer at the best place on Earth!

Mary Eccles and Alfred Thompson

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