Covid-19 Updates

We are preparing for an awesome summer experience for our campers! Our intent is to get our campers into camp safe and healthy and keep them that way!  Below is an overview of our Opening and Closing Days along with information about programming and our 2023 COVID-19 policies. 


  • Keep your camper healthy before camp

  • Be aware of exposing your camper to any sickness before camp

  • No COVID-19 pre-arrival testing or monitoring of campers’ health

  • No COVID-19 vaccination requirement for campers or Counselor Assistants (CAs)


  • Scheduled drop-off and pick-up times can be found on our website under the "Parents" tab and "Opening and Closing Day" 

  • VERY IMPORTANT: the scheduled times are based on your camper's CURRENT grade for 2022/2023 school year. 

  • If you have multiple sons, you can drop off/pick up individually at their assigned time or both at the earlier or later son's scheduled pick-up time.


  • Staggered Drop Offs by camp grade allowing parents and counselors to meet each other 

  • Parents will be allowed to park, get out of their vehicles, go to their son's cabin, complete the heightened health screening at the infirmary, and walk around camp


  • Staggered Pick Ups by camp grade allowing parents and counselors to greet each other (no parking and going to cabins; siblings can depart at the same time) 

  • Parents can quickly get out of the car to hug their child and shake the counselor's hand while the camper’s baggage is being put in their car. 


We offer airport pickups and drop-offs from Asheville, NC (AVL) and Greenville, SC (GSP) for an additional fee. More detailed information is found in your CampInTouch account under "RU flying?" forms or on our website under the "Parents" tab / "Transportation". Please do not put your camper on a plane if they are sick or present with any cold-like symptoms


Once everyone is at camp we will run all activities as normal. We will be offering out-of-camp trips to campers every day.  No masks will be required for summer 2023 - at camp or in the vans. 


We will be rapid antigen testing (nasal swab) in the infirmary only when campers have severe symptoms in line with what the local and regional health departments say is current for COVID symptoms at that time. If a camper tests positive we will require the camper’s guardian to pick them up within 48 hours. They will be allowed to come back to camp after 5 days of quarantining as long as they do not have symptoms. 


More detailed information about health screening will be emailed to you closer to your session start date.


As you know we now live in an ever-changing world. If things go in a different direction between now and when your son starts camp, we might have to make some changes. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

What a Day!!! Boy, are we Enthusiastic about Summer 2023!

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