Man v. Wild


Man v. Wild gives campers the opportunity to take part in an action-packed adventure exploring the forests of Camp Carolina. We focus on 3 main skills during these half days, 1 day, and overnight trips.

Camouflage: Look at your surroundings, how well can you blend in? Use camo paint and the natural resources around you to make yourself invisible, then test your camo with a variety of games and challenges set by your counselors. How well can you hide?

Shelter building: Ever wondered if you could build the perfect base to keep yourself dry and warm in the wilderness? We have a variety of ideas, techniques and resources to build shelters that campers can use as a central point for their camo games or as a place to sleep on an overnight prize trip.

Fire building: Campers will learn the essential skills to build fires with limited resources and varied weather conditions. After this clinic they will have what it takes to keep dry and warm on the overnight prize trip using just a flint and steel!

Camp Carolina puts an emphasis on the importance of preserving our natural environment and teaches ways to have fun in the forest whilst protecting the habitats of local wildlife, doing our best to follow the 7 principles of Leave No Trace.

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