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At Camp Carolina, we pride ourselves on being a ‘High Adventure’ camp. We are lucky enough to be in the heart of the blue ridge mountains with hundreds of waterfalls, rivers, rock faces and more that serve as our natural playground. Our aim is to find the most qualified and most enthusiastic staff that will provide our campers with an incredible experience. Due to the nature of these activities, safety is our priority. All staff will go through activity specific training learning the emergency protocols, safety equipment, and local knowledge. In addition, all of our high adventure staff members that will be taking campers off-site will also go through a wildlife first responder course, whitewater staff will be certified in Swift Water Rescue and any trips to local swimming holes will have a RedCross certified lifeguard. All other staff will have activity specific training and will have the chance to cross-train in another field. What a Day!

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  • High Adventure

    Earthworks - Backpacking, Hiking, Fly Fishing, Sea Kayaking, Survival Skills

    Staff members applying to be a part of the Earthworks team will need to have previous experience in a range of outdoor based fields. We are looking for staff who can inspire our campers to love nature as much as we do. Staff will need to be in good health and fitness with a competent swimming ability and knowledge for camping. This is due to the high physical demand for the job, including double overnight hikes, sea kayaking, and wet hikes. Our program offers campers a half day, full day and single/double overnight trips. Our perfect staff member is one who can be very selfless on these trips and keep the campers enthusiastic and having fun.

    Mountaineering - Caving, Mountain Biking, Mountain Boarding, Rock Climbing, Orienteering

    To be part of the Mountaineering team, you will need to be specialized in either caving, rock climbing, mountain boarding or mountain biking. We are looking for staff who have sufficient experience in that field and a passion for teaching it. This experience will need to include experience with the upkeep of equipment and general maintenance. You will be leading trips away from camp so must have a keen eye for safety and following procedures to keep all campers safe. You will also be trained in all other fields of our Mountaineering program but will be the specialist on your activity.

    White Water - Kayaking, Rafting

    Our White Water team must be comfortable paddling grade 3 or above with the ability to roll on both sides to be accepted into the program. All staff will be put through our activity specific training to gain knowledge of our local rivers as well as attend a Swift Water Rescue course. Ideally, applicants will have previous teaching experience in this field. All campers will have to learn how to wet exit on our lake before qualifying for out of camp trips.

    Wake Boarding and Surfing

    To be successful for this team you will need to be age 21+ and have ample personal experience in either Wake Boarding or Surfing. if no coaching experience, staff will need to have coached in another field. Applicants with significant boat knowledge and maintenance skills will be looks upon favorably. We currently have 3 Wake boats and use the beautiful Lake Jocassee in South Carolina.


    Our Equestrian program focuses on horsemanship, beginner arena work, and day/overnight trail riding trips. We are lucky enough to own our own horses and have a herd of horses in varying heights, breeds, ages and skill levels to cater for all abilities. Our facilities include an 18 horse barn, feed and tack room, mare and gelding fields, flat arena and onsite trails. Our Equestrian staff are usually required to be 21+ with a valid drivers license. They need to have a solid background in English and/or Western riding and be able to ride at walk-gallop + jump up to 3ft. Experience working in a barn/lesson program with experience mucking out, feeding, schooling etc is strongly preferred.

    Equestrian Staff are under the guidance of the Equestrian Director and are responsible for the feeding, mucking out and general care if up to 18 horses. Staff may also be required to perform stable and field maintenance, drive machinery, perform basic veterinary care, school horses as well as confidently lead group lessons (up to 6 campers), trail rides (up to 10 campers). A strong work ethic, good interpersonal and teamwork skills, great communication skills and a positive attitude are required. Early mornings and long days to be expected. Equestrian Staff generally arrive May 1st for Pre Season training and work through the last day of the season.


    Our skate facilities include a skate park, skate bowl and is becoming one of the most popular activities at camp. We are looking for passionate skate teachers who can teach all skill levels. Staff should have the ability to teach beginners to drop in through more advanced maneuvers. Skate team members should also have a good knowledge of board maintenance and an eye for safety. All staff and children must wear a helmet and knee/elbow pads whilst skating.

  • Sports & Waterfront


    We are lucky enough to be in the process of having 3 new clay Tennis courts ready for 2018 as well as 4 hard courts set in the Camp Carolina valley. Staff joining our Tennis team must have extensive coaching experience and preferably have a nationally recognized coaching certification. Coaches must be physically fit and able to sustain a high energy throughout the entire summer.

    Coaches need to have knowledge coaching all skill levels from beginner to advanced, including games and drills to improve all basic technical areas (forehand, backhand, approach, volley, serve). We recommend putting together some lesson plans before coming to camp. We also want staff who know how to make sure the campers are also having fun on the court whilst learning. Our ideal coach can put together a lesson that incorporates drills to improve a planned technique and fun games to keep the campers focused.

    Team Sports

    Our sports include - Soccer, Touch Football, Rugby, Disc Golf, Ultimate Frisbee, Baseball, Lacrosse, Volleyball, AFL, Basketball. We are looking for an all-around sportsman to join our team. We require each staff member to be specialized in at least one sport within team sports. You must have extensive personal experience within your specialized sport as well as coaching experience. A nationally recognized coaching certificate is preferable. You will be required to teach a variety of sports whilst at camp, so a wide sports knowledge is helpful. Cross training among the different sports will be provided to help new staff. We recommend that all staff put together a portfolio of lesson plans to bring to camp to help transition to camp life.


    We require all of our golf coaches to have a handicap of 10 or less. Coaching experience is preferable but a high knowledge of techniques and strokes is sufficient. We have a small driving range for lessons and you will take a group of campers out to a local golf course each session. We are looking for coaches who can continue to grow the popularity of golf at CCB. Staff should come ready with games and drills to keep it exciting.

    Waterfront (Lifeguarding)

    We look to hire both currently qualified lifeguards as well as trainable lifeguards with a strong swimming ability. Applicants must be capable to sustain concentration for long hours in the heat. All non-qualified applicants will go through an American RedCross Lifeguard course, including First Aid, CPR and AED training. All staff will also go through our waterfront training pre-season as well as skill assessments throughout the summer.

    This is not your standard pool lifeguarding role, we have multiple aquatic toys as well as diving boards, zip lines, and bike ramps. Lifeguards must be confident they can safely carry out their duties in many different stations in a lake environment.

  • The Arts


    We are looking for talented musicians to join our team. Having a range of skills across different instruments is helpful but not compulsory. We will hire staff with coaching experience in their specialized instrument. Teachers must be able to teach their instrument to all skill levels including first-time beginners. Our ideal music coach will have the patience to work with the younger campers and the passion to push the older campers to keep learning.


    Yoga is a popular choice for the boys, it is important that they can use this time to relax and focus on self-improvement whilst having fun. Preferably the applicant will have a nationally recognized Yoga teaching qualification. We have a private yoga lodge away from the craziness of camp and encourage the instructor to put their personality and style into the program each year. This role will require the ability to work alone in their department and be self-motivated.

    Arts & Crafts

    Arts & Crafts is one of the most popular activities at camp through all ages. We encourage the campers to use their imagination and try to facilitate any project they wish to try. Applicants should be able and willing to think on their feet, utilize supplies and be able to multi-task. Applicants should have experience in multiple areas and be comfortable helping with most projects. We will require a portfolio of work from each applicant.


    Our woodwork program is very popular at camp. We aim to give campers hands-on experience whilst helping them learn the safety precautions that come with woodworking. We are looking for someone who has extensive experience in multiple areas of woodworking. The applicant must have a keen eye for safety and be comfortable teaching campers as young as 6 years of age. Examples of previous work will be required.

    Photography & Video Production

    To be part of our video production team, applicants must be studying or have a completed Film and Video degree with extensive editing experience. We are looking for someone who can maintain our great reputation for quality and understands the camp goals. We use Adobe Premiere Pro software. check out our Vimeo account -

    Preferably we are looking for applicants who are studying or have completed a photography degree. However, applicants may be considered if they have extensive experience working in this field. We use Lightroom as our editing system. A portfolio will be required. 

  • Target Sports

    Archery, Riflery & Fencing

    Our target sports staff will all work as one team. All applicants will go through a USA Level 1 archery course, gain an NRA Marksmanship and USA Fencing qualification as part of your training. We will hire staff to be the specialist in their department but staff should expect to teach all 3 components. Applicants will preferably have personal and teaching experience but applicants with a willingness to learn and strong coaching skills in another area will be considered.

  • Kitchen & Maintenance

    Kitchen Manager

    Requirements: 21+. Must have previous experience managing a culinary establishment. Experience managing stock, placing orders, supervising staff and following food safety guidelines. Preferably already have their Servsafe certification Applicants must be able to work in a high paced environment, managing a kitchen to produce food for up to 350 people per meal. They must have a flexible attitude and be able to adapt. This is a high responsibility leadership role and must act with professionalism at all times.

    The kitchen manager will work closely with the camp owner to order food and at times work independently to schedule staff, do food inventories and oversee the general running of the kitchen. They will also be required to help prepare food and carry out normal kitchen responsibilities.

    Head Chef & Sous Chef

    Requirements (Head Chef): 21+. Applicant must have either a culinary degree or have extensive experience in a Head Chef position at a different establishment. Preferably hold a Servsafe Qualification.

    Requirements (Sous Chef): Applicant must have at least 2 years previous experience in this role, be able to follow instructions and confidently take charge when needed.

    Applicants must be able and willing to organize and produce high-quality meals for up to 350 people per meal. They must be able to cook a variety of cuisines and be able to produce additional options at every meal for customers with dietary restrictions. They must be able to delegate well, produce detailed prep lists daily, adhere to deadlines and work well under pressure.


    Each year we hire a specialist Baker. This role will include other kitchen duties, however, their main duties will include making 20+ loafs of bread daily, any baking requirements needed for meals of up to 350 people and assisting with making dessert. The applicant must be able to work efficiently and keep up with a high demand. They must have experience in multiple areas of baking and have a passion for homemade food.

    General Kitchen

    General kitchen staff should be prepared to have a balance of food prep duties, working in the dish room, basic cooking and cleaning. All kitchen staff must have a keen eye for food safety and kitchen hygiene. You must be able to work in a high paced environment and be open to helping with any kitchen task. Staff will be helping to prepare food for out of camps as well as serving food on site, this requires staff to be very organized, be diligent with their time and follow instructions well. Staff must be able to speak English competently and be prepared to work in close quarters with your fellow colleagues. Staff will be living in dorm style housing.


    In our maintenance team, we are looking for people with a variety of skills. These skills include carpentry, mechanics, landscaping, electrical, plumbing, and cleaning.

    We are looking for staff who are very hard working and are willing to do a variety of tasks. Daily duties during the summer will include cleaning bathrooms, gardening, repairs and other assigned tasks. Applicants must be able to follow instructions, at times work independently and meet deadlines. Preferably staff will have a driving license.

  • Infirmary


    We are looking to hire NPs, RN's and nursing students to work at our Health Center this summer. 1 week-10 week contracts available. Our Health Center staff are positive, enthusiastic, enjoy working with children and have great nursing skills and empathy. Health Center staff are provided with private rooms and 3 delicious meals a day. During time off they can also participate in high adventure activities and trips.

    The nurses are responsible for caring for sick and injured campers and staff, dispensing prescription and non-prescription medication, maintaining a clean and hygienic Health Center, communicating with parents and maintaining clear and accurate health logs.



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