Summer team

Neville Johnson

Neville Johnson

In-Camp Staff

Hi everyone, my name is Neville and I'm from Ireland. This will be my first year In camp and I can't wait to meet everyone. My hobbies are mostly sports, however, I am willing to try anything while in camp. The sports I play are rugby, GAA, football, and MMA. I also love being able to help people and that's what I will be doing this summer, I am ready to have the time of my life alongside all campers.

What are you most proud of/biggest achievement in life so far?

My rugby team won the treble, I was the captain of this team and I was very proud of being able to say I led the team to its first-ever treble. Completing my master's was also a big achievement and something I am very proud of, as I should that once you put your mind to something you can achieve it.

What is your favorite hobby/sport/thing to do during your free time?

Rugby is my favorite hobby, it's such an exciting and action-packed hobby. The physicality, the teamwork, the strategy it's all so enjoyable to play. Playing rugby not only keeps you fit and active, but it also helps build camaraderie and strong bonds with your teammates, which I believe in life is very important. The adrenaline rush you get when you score a try or make a great tackle is brilliant and the feeling never gets old. Rugby has also helped me build friendships that I will have for life. I also enjoy many other sports and I also enjoy watching movies and TV series in my downtime.

What is your favorite thing about working with children?

My favorite thing about working with children is to see them growing and finding out who they are as a person. I celebrate every obstacle a kid overcomes, as I believe it is key for them to have a sense of achievement and this will then hopefully help them overcome more tasks in their life. Children have a great sense of personality and love having fun, which also then allows me to have fun. I also enjoy how open-minded kids are and that they are willing to try everything. Working with kids also brings back good memories of my childhood and lets me relive some of them moments.

What impact are you most excited to make this year at CCB?

The impact I'm most excited to make is to help and run fun activities within the camp but also to create a nurturing and inclusive environment where campers feel safe and supported. One impact I want to strive for is to help foster personal growth and confidence in the campers. By encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones, try new things, and overcome challenges, and help them develop important life skills and boost their self-esteem. I want to make sure that I have a positive effect on the campers' time at the camp and let them leave the camp at the end, saying that their experience was positive.

What goal or camp philosophy do you really want your campers to learn this summer? 

My goal is for everyone to have fun and for the campers to be kind to each other. I want each camper to say that they have grown as a person during their time at camp. I think camp is important for each person in their development, I believe in my life camps taught me how to show respect to people and I hope each camper will be able to say the same. Another goal I want the campers to achieve at summer camp is to step out of their comfort zone and try new activities. I also want to Encourage the kids to participate in different sports, arts and crafts, or outdoor adventures that they may not have experienced before, as this will build new skills in their lives.

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