Check out what our current and past families are saying about Camp Carolina!

“Mac had an ABSOLUTE BALL!!! As a mom, I was nervous for him to be starting as a new camper at an 'older' age. I was worried about him not being able to make friends since so many campers could have been to camp together in the past. That doesn't seem to have been an issue at all thanks to the counselors and the kids in his cabin. The high-fiving and cheering as we left camp seemed genuine and sincere ... several of the counselors mentioned specific events/activities where they really seemed to KNOW my kid. I loved that!! 

Merritt family , Columbia, SC -

“My son's cabin counselor's Dyl and Dante were great. Whichever one wrote to me did a great job. A lot of parents say that counselors tend to write only good things no matter what, but I truly think they wrote what they felt. I know my son, and they told me exactly who he was from their perspective and it was right on. They really loved counseling my son, and he loved being with them all the time!”

Bonnie Gudelauski , Bridgehampton, NY -

“There are so many things about CCB that are special, wonderful and worth endless praise, but one thing overall that I would like to highlight is the sense of “family, collaboration, brotherhood” that is woven into every fabric of the experience. Boys are so often not allowed to express their emotions, physicality or their enthusiasm, but Camp Carolina allows them to be expressive and also respectful. I think it is a lifelong gift for any boy to experience CCB during childhood. Congratulations on generations of helping boys become confident and adventurous.”

Rian Orso-Brown , Oberlin, OH -

A belated thank you for another wonderful summer! Sam had an awesome three weeks at Session 3. He reunited with old friends, made many new friends, loved his counselors (Jouree and Max), and enjoyed every activity, trip and new experience. Once again, he returned home a more independent, aware, and thoughtful young man. I look forward to Will, our youngest, attending next summer, too!

Cate Davis , Concord, NC -

The letters we got from Macca were the best mommy letters we have ever received. He definitely took that responsibility seriously and did a great job filling us in on Stuart's activities. This was especially important since Stuart only sent us one very very short letter about 3 weeks in to the session! Another thing that I liked was that Macca told us some of ways he was trying to help Stuart grow and take on some ownership in his cabin. It sounded like he really tried to make an impact on Stuart by talking about leadership and responsibility. That kind of mentoring is really important. It can't be easy for a young man who is not a father yet to help train up the younger guys...but it is super impactful when it does happen.   

Ann Pittman , Tampa, FL -

I was blown away from the very first time we watched the promo video. I was so happy to be able to sign my son up for this opportunity. I am so quick to have reservations about the people I let care for my son. I want to protect him, but after a few conversations with the staff via telephone I felt 100% confident that my son would be cared for by the counselors and administrative staff. Drop off was such an amazing emotional experience for all of us. The camp goes above and beyond to make your camper feel special when arriving, and I can say beyond a doubt, that this put me at ease leaving him at camp. I knew that he was going to have a blast, and be safe. I so looked forward to looking at the pictures each day to get a glimpse of my son. He was typically smiling or concentrating on the task at hand. I can't say enough about Camp Carolina. The staff, the facility, the acitivities...worth every single penny. What a life changing experience. I thought Cash would return home and immediately just binge watch his Ipad, but he actually got right on his skateboard and then asked to go fishing. Here's to teaching the kids to be independent, responsible, happy little campers.

Amanda L. Ramirez -

“Dec and "Tay-Tay" were awesome. They were kind and smiley at drop-off and from our son's reports they stayed that way throughout camp. When Spencer said he felt homesick the counselors reportedly offered comfort. They were really terrific and we so appreciated them!

Cindy Suveg , Macon, GA -

I can not thank you enough for taking such good care of my boy.  You get an A+, 2 thumbs up, and a top score for your welcoming approach, kind and supportive team, and great service.  The opening day was awesome.  It made my son feel good and me feel comfortable leaving him. Lofty and Chris (counselors) were wonderful! My son liked them both so much.  They had a wonderful patience for him and found ways to connect with him.  I think these two men really helped and supported him a lot. I feel blessed I found a good place for my little man. 

The Lelivelds , Charlottesville, VA -

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