Staff Testimonials

Staff Testimonials

Working at Camp Carolina is definitely not "just a summer job". It is an incredibly rewarding and life-changing experience for campers and staff alike. Check out what some current and past counselors have to say about their experience working at CCB. Want to apply to join the team? Hike on over here


Rhys ‘Smitty’ Smith - 3 Years - Head Counselor 

"CCB has this amazing effect where you feel you do not need to 'fit in' but instead are free to express yourself as the person you want to be and are encouraged to do so. Since working at CCB I have learned to continue to be who I want to be and not feel obligated to 'fit in' with the 'norm' and I have had the pleasure of seeing this in many of the campers outside of CCB as well, which has been a rewarding experience.

As somebody who held the responsibility of being a Head Counselor to three different tribes over my time at CCB, I was a role model and leader to counselors and campers. These responsibilities led me to continue my profession of youth work and taking on senior roles within organizations I have worked with. CCB helped me to grow professionally and as an individual by providing support and guidance."

Peyton Bryant - 4 Years (camper) 4 Years (staff) - Head Counselor, In Camp Program Director 

"I could literally go on for days about the ways CCB positively affected me as a person. My experience taught me a lot about the outdoors and helped me learn new skills, but more importantly, it broadened my horizons and opened my eyes to the ways so many wonderful people experience the world we live in. As a camper, I learned how to work with others to live respectfully, be a contributing member of a team (or cabin), and of course, have fun. As a staff member from the United States, I was overwhelmed by the amazing the staff members from other countries.

I would argue that every major trait needed to be a "leader" in your community, your career, or even just in your family can be learned or improved while a staff member at a summer camp. I learned how important it was to listen to others, respect their ideas and opinions, and to work together to achieve a common goal. While it's tucked away in the woods and away from "reality," Camp is a life-changing experience that never leaves you. It's hard to pin down exactly why it's so special to me, but it's probably one of the most significant parts of my life to date. I owe a lot to Camp Carolina."

Jesse Waller Lassen - 4 Years - Head Counselor, Manders and CA's

"Prior to my first summer in 2014, I viewed Camp Carolina as a summer job. However, working with and helping campers had an instant impact on me and after no more than the first month, I knew I would be back the following year. The environment camp has created is so organic which feeds into how everyone feels, simply happy. Four summers later and I cannot see my life without CCB in it. Camp Carolina has provided more life lessons, experiences, tears, and joy than I ever thought possible. CCB offers a place where young men can grow, mature and find themselves and being a part of that as a Counselor is so special. The friends, memories, and connections I've made there will stay with me forever!"

Thomas 'Smiley' Smith -  3 Years - Videographer and camp counselor

"You make friends for life, it is like nothing you will ever experience, it is so hard to explain what camp is like to someone who has never done it, but when you chat to those who know... you have a special bond. It is a magical place like nowhere else I've visited, the energy, excitement, enthusiasm etc. It's incredible. Hard Work really does pay off, if you don't put in the effort you won't reap the rewards, social situations are never awkward if you go in there with a positive attitude and with both feet, take the risk... its worth it, if not least you will never think 'what if'"


Plam Stoyanova -  3 Years - Head of Photo/Video

"Camp Carolina is a very special place for me. I have spent three amazing summers here and I often refer to CCB as my home away from home. One of the things I learned about camp is that new friendships can be formed when you least expect them to. I have also learned that your work matters and that you can truly make a difference. The environment, the community, the people, the traditions and my involvement there as a whole is something I will cherish forever. For me, working at Camp Carolina is the best job at the best place on Earth. Camp Carolina is not just a special place where kids come together to have fun, it is a place where boys become men."

Jackson Henderson-Smith - 2 Years - Head Counselor

I feel like CCB changed me as much as it changed the campers. There is something special about camp, that only those who went can understand. I tried telling people when I arrived home about what it is like... all I had to say is you have to try CCB for yourself! In 3 to 4 weeks, I saw these kids arrive dependant on their parents and counselors to help them get through their day. But they leave with a confidence and independence that you would not think possible in such a short period of time. They learn to appreciate what they have, what people do for them, and the value of teamwork as they live with their cabin mates.


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