New Staff

See below for some application & interview tips to help with a successful application!

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All applications must be submitted online through camp minder - Click on the link above

  • Write as much detail as possible! We want to get to know you as well as we can, make sure you add specifics and show your personality.
  • Use full sentences with correct grammar/punctuation/spelling etc.
  • Relate your answers to how it can effect camp in a positive way! (The success of a summer is a result of successful staff)
  • Let your references know we will be calling (applicants must provide 3 references with at least 2 from former/current employers)
  • Think about your answers and take your time (you can always come back to it, make sure you are not rushing)
  • Upload a smiling headshot (this could be used to introduce you on our website)  

Staff in Cabin at Camp Carolina


  • Dress appropriately (we don't expect a suit and tie but remember this will be our first impression of you)
  • Give yourself plenty of time
  • A lot of our questions are situational based, take your time and think about your answer
  • Speak with confidence and always be truthful
  • Ask questions (don't be afraid to ask questions if you don't understand the question or need it to be repeated)
  • Do your research about camp before the interview
  • Make sure you have completed the application prior to your interview
  • Smile!

Return Staff

Enjoy Camp last year so much you’d like to return?

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Our Goal

The philosophy of Camp Carolina centres around the simplicity of life, importance of self-reliance, value of human relations, wonders of nature, respect for property and resources, and the challenge of high adventure.

Our purpose is to make a boy’s summer a valuable factor in his complete development. This can be accomplished through recruiting the right staff who have plenty of enthusiasm, determination, and strong moral values. We need counselors who can rise to the challenge of ‘PUTTING THE KIDS FIRST’.

Our goals are to promote self-confidence and develop character, to create community living skills, independence, lasting friendships and competency and sportsmanship. We achieve this by providing campers with challenging experiences, adventure and on-going social interaction in a safe camp community. We have a commitment to parents for their sons, physical & emotional development, welfare, and safety. We achieve this by offering qualified staff and ensuring safe facilities.

What we expect from you!

The counselor’s task is to be a warm friend, a willing guide and a director of positive energies. Your example as a counselor will be the primary influence on the camper whether Right or Wrong, Good or Bad. Each staff member plays an active role in the camp administration by understanding his/her responsibilities and demonstrating respect for all. This ensures the maximum experience for campers. Successful counselors are open to suggestions while striving for a common goal.

At Carolina, the most important job and the principle responsibility of a camp counselor is to be a good role model. A cabin counselor’s job is ineffective if his influence is passive. He is detrimental if his influence is negative.

Ask yourself, ‘Do I have the patience and unselfishness to give and keep giving my time and personality to young boys?’

“Send not your foolish and feeble, send me your strong and your sane.” – Robert Service, The Law of the Yukon.

It is our hope at Camp Carolina that the strong and the sane apply to become counselors. The staff has been chosen with this in mind: a good counselor is someone who possesses a mind and spirit which are prevalent over his physical prowess.


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