Whitewater Kayaking

Whitewater Kayaking

Camp Carolina is based in the perfect location for WhiteWater Kayaking. The area is often referred to as the land of the waterfalls.  We have a wide range of natural and dam released rivers based nearby so finding great white water is never a question! Our staff are experienced kayakers from all over the world. We further their training with courses lead by the American Canoe Association.

All of our counselors on the kayaking team have to receive the highest level in the course possible until they are eligible to lead a whitewater kayaking trip with the campers. All our whitewater staff are also trained to be swift water rescue technicians and have paddled all the local rivers before the campers arrive so they know the best lines and any risky areas to avoid.

To ensure safety and enjoyment, we run in camp skills clinics so the boys become comfortable in the kayak and gain essential trust in the instructors. Before progressing on to moving water, campers are taught basic skills such as how to hold the paddle correctly, paddle strokes, turns, and a wet exit of the kayak just in case they flip over on the river.

All skills must be performed confidently before progressing onto moving water. We start on slow moving rivers such as the Lower Green and work towards more challenging rivers such as the Nantahala or Upper Green. The boys may also choose to do a half day roll clinic on the lake to add to their new found skills on the river. This is where they learn to flip the boat back upright after tipping over on their own using their paddle and body weight.

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