The "Manders" Tribe are usually boys who have completed 6th grade and live up on "Mander Hill". They have 1 counselor in their cabin. Boys in this tribe have no activity restrictions and can now sign up for Surfing, Paintball and Wake Boarding. 


We place campers in cabins by the grade that they have just completed. The cabins are then split up into Tribes, which are like mini camps of boys who are close to the same age. There is a head counselor in every tribe who is responsible for those boys and their counselors. They get a chance to visit with older or younger boys during free time, some evening programs, and weekend games.

Special Events 

The final night at camp always consists of a specially planned activity specific to each tribe. This year the 'Manders' put on a crazy golf competition! Whilst the boys were at a final campfire, Head Counselor Conor turned each cabin into a different crazy golf hole. Followed by the Manders Throne ceremony, it was a great way to end the session.  


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