Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing Camp

Rock climbing is one of the greatest pursuits here at Camp Carolina. Many boys love climbing because it is not a competitive sport but more of a personal challenge. It’s just you and the rock with the focus being more about your technique and persistence than strength. We use the best equipment available for this activity, we have a full range of harnesses, helmets, and special rock climbing shoes to help you stick to the rock and succeed in getting to the top!

We offer half day in camp clinics for the younger boys where we focus on skill and technique on the Camp Carolina climbing wall – the Carolina Wave, which has a wide range route. After the boys have learned the basics, we head to Looking Glass Rock where the boys get to try multiple routes ranging in skill level so all boys can be successful and reach the top for the incredible view over Pisgah National Forest. Towards the end of the camp session we run overnight trips to Rumbling Bald for two full days climbing the rock and camping out with new found camp buddies.

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