The waterfront is one of the most popular places to hang out and relax at Camp Carolina. The boys must pass the swim test on opening day to swim without a life vest in the free swim area.

Our swim test is designed so that we can get a safe and accurate sense of every campers' swim ability.

Swim Test - Swim 100 yards, tread water for 2 minutes, and dive down to retrieve a rock off the bottom of the lake.

Campers also love to play on the Blob, Aqua Tramp, Supervolley, Zip Line, and Bike Ramp - all which always require the boys to wear helmets and life vests and be supervised by our fully-qualified lifeguards.

Our highly trained and mature lifeguards are very competent and passionate swimmers and are certified by the American Red Cross before the campers arrive. The waterfront is open during both free times on weekdays as well as most weekends and is always supervised by lifeguards.

The BIG Slide - Starting over 30ft high, our slide is attached to the zipline tower and is the most popular activity for our high adventure enthusiasts. 

AquaGlide SuperVolley - We bring you the SuperVolley! This floating volleyball court is sure to get you excited for 2023. This new addition will be a great way to combine your trampoline tricks with your volleyball skills, just remember... whoever loses the point must get the ball from somewhere in lake CCB.

Triple Zipline - Not one, not two but THREE lines now attached to our zipline tower! Not only can you see Camp Carolina from a new height whilst flying down but you can do it with two of your buddies at the same time. How big of a splash can you make at the end?

Bike Ramp - Is there anything more awesome than flying across the lake on the CCB bike? Our man-made ramp has been one of the most popular activities at camp for years and it's not going anywhere! J-rad can even do a backflip! 

High & Low Dive - We love our diving boards. Whether it's practicing your tricks, perfecting your dive or building up to the high dive, you can always find something fun to do off these.

The Blob - Let's not forget the Blob Tower! Grab yourself a partner and head on down. Who wants to be blobbed first? Get ready to see camp whilst flying through the air. As soon as you hit the water, you will want to go again! 

Paddleboards - Whether you want to take a relaxing paddle across lake CCB, have a race or battle with your friends, we have a paddleboard for you. We even do paddleboard Yoga!
Rock-it - This new toy will turn lake CCB into an amusement park. Challenge your friends to see who can hold on the longest. We can't wait to have this open this year!
The Catapult - Our final new toy is the Catapult. This giant swing will test how far you can fly across lake CCB! Get ready to see
camp from a whole new height. 


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