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The philosophy of Camp Carolina centers around the simplicity of life, importance of self-reliance, value of human relations, wonders of nature, respect for property and resources, and the challenge of high adventure. Our purpose is to make a boy’s summer a valuable factor in his complete development. This can be accomplished through recruiting the right staff who have plenty of enthusiasm, determination, and strong moral values. 

Our goals are to promote self-confidence and develop character, to create community living skills, independence, lasting friendships and competency and sportsmanship. We achieve this by providing campers with challenging experiences, adventure and on-going social interaction in a safe camp community. We have a commitment to parents for their sons, physical & emotional development, welfare, and safety. We achieve this by offering qualified staff and ensuring safe facilities. Each staff member plays an active role in the camp administration by understanding his/her responsibilities and demonstrating respect for all. This ensures the maximum experience for campers. Successful counselors are open to suggestions while striving for a common goal.

What we want from you!

At Carolina, the most important job and the principle responsibility of a camp counselor is to be a good role model. We need counselors who can rise to the challenge of ‘PUTTING THE KIDS FIRST’. The counselor’s task is to be a warm friend, a willing guide and a director of positive energies.


Camp Carolina is located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, consists of 220 acres and is bordered on 3 sides by the 450,000 acres of Pisgah National Forest. We have full access to this wonderful forest under a special use permit. We have a large lake and mountain biking/horse riding trails on site.

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"Each year we travel the world in search of qualified, responsible, hardworking young men and women with patience and passion for working with children in an outdoor setting. Professional appearance, work ethic, motivation, and experience are essential in maintaining the reputation of our quality program with both the parents and campers. Being a positive role model for our campers is the most desired and essential component of being a Camp Carolina counselor."


CCB was founded in 1924. Our capacity is 260 campers and 120 staff members comprised of program staff, support staff, admin staff and medical staff. We are an all boys, high adventure camp offering opportunities to camper’s aged Kindergarten-11th grade. We offer sessions ranging from 1 week up to 10 weeks with most campers attending either 3 or 4 weeks each summer. Campers sign up for activities and trips independently and all counselors work on a specific activity daily. In order to provide safe and professional programs, our staff receives training at Backcountry Institute, held at Camp Carolina each spring. We offer courses by American Canoe Association, American Red Cross, National Archery Association, National Rifle Association and Wilderness Medical Association, to name a few.

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