Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing at Camp Carolina is very popular. Our aim is to teach the campers the basics such as knot-tying, fly selection, casting, line control, and fish handling skills so they can fish independently on the rivers.

The lake and the trout pond provide excellent training grounds for those base skills. We have plenty of in-camp training at our stocked trout pond nestled in the forest at the bottom of Bulldozer Hill and when we feel the time is right and the campers have mastered their base skills we head for the Trophy Trout Water. Here are some of the spots we visit:

Our trips are either half day or full day, depending on the spot and how long the drive is to get there. We take lunch with us on every full day trip and enjoy sitting down to a picnic after a full morning of fishing.

A new addition to the list of fly-fishing trips we offer is our “Raft and Fish” trip. Campers that have mastered their fly-fishing skills are invited to take an all-day trip down the Tuckasegee River with our talented raft guides and fly fishermen where they’ll get the thrill of bouncing over rapids and the tranquility of riverside fishing.

We only use artificial bait and catch and release where required but we do love trout dinners on overnight "prize trips"!


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