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"I can not thank you enough for taking such good care of my boy.  You get an A+, 2 thumbs up, and a top score for your welcoming approach, kind and supportive team, and great service.  The opening day was awesome.  It made my son feel good and me feel comfortable leaving him. Lofty and Chris (counselors) were wonderful! My son liked them both so much.  They had a wonderful patience for him and found ways to connect with him.  I think these two men really helped and supported him a lot. I feel blessed I found a good place for my little man." 

The Lelivelds , Charlottesville, VA -

“Dec and "Tay-Tay" were awesome. They were kind and smiley at drop-off and from our son's reports they stayed that way throughout camp. When Spencer said he felt homesick the counselors reportedly offered comfort. They were really terrific and we so appreciated them!

Cindy Suveg , Macon, GA -

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