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Outdoor Professional Training and Certifications

Camp Carolina has a long history of Outdoor Professional Training. The American Red Cross held the National Aquatic School at Camp Carolina beginning in 1932. In 1994 Wilderness Medical Associates taught the first of many Wilderness First Responder courses at Camp Carolina. American Camping Association began offering the Spring Potpourri here in 1998. Backcountry Institute was established in 2000. Our mission is to train and certify Outdoor Professionals seeking to improve their skills and knowledge, in order that they may run safer, more professional programs.

We do this in a rustic outdoor setting, outside the comfort zones that most educational institutions provide. The food is sumptuous but the classrooms and accommodations are rustic, with many classes held in the field, on the rivers, on the lake, or along the trails. This is outdoor experiential education at its finest!

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