Our Newts Tribe are the youngest campers and are usually in grades K thru completed 3rd. They live in the cabins closest to the Dining Hall and always have 2 counselors living in their cabins. Newts can sign up for any activity like every other tribe, except for Paintball, Surfing and Wake Boarding. 


We place campers in cabins by the grade that they have just completed. The cabins are then split up into Tribes, which are like mini camps of boys who are close to the same age. There is a head counselor in every tribe who is responsible for those boys and their counselors. They get a chance to visit with older or younger boys during free time, some evening programs, and weekend games.


Who remembers their Harry Potter cabin day! The boys were transported to the wizarding world for one Wednesday afternoon. The boys met the legendary sorting hat and were put into a Hogwarts house. Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw experienced a dark arts potion lesson, went through the Chamber of Secrets and even played in the Quidditch World Cup! Don't forget sleeping in the Grand Hall with the floating candles. It was an AWESOME day.

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