Things to Know

Check out the information below to answer your questions.

Additional questions? Please email or call 828-884-2414.

  • What To Bring


    We will be offering airport pick ups and drop offs from Asheville Regional Airport (AVL) in Arden NC and Greenville-Spartanburg Airport (GSP) in Greenville SC. There is a $25.00 one way fee for Asheville Airport ( 20 minutes from camp) and $100.00 one way fee for Greenville- Spartanburg Airport ( 1.5 hours from camp). 
    There is an RU Flying arrival form and an RU Flying departure form in your Camp In Touch account under forms and documents. A form will need to be completed for each camper if you have multiple campers. The charges apply per family. 
    Arrival Information: Flights should be scheduled to arrive between 7:00 AM and NOON on Opening Day. If the flight you are booking does not land within these times, please email before booking the flight.
    Departure Information: Flights should be scheduled to leave any time before 11:00 AM on Closing Day. This time block is in the best interest of your child. Please contact before booking any flight after 11:00 AM. 
    UNACCOMPANIED MINOR FORM (UM): A camper 14 and under must have completed an Unaccompanied Minor Form. If your camper is flying one way or round trip, a form needs to be completed  and a fee needs to be paid to the airline for each flight when purchasing his ticket. Unaccompanied campers aged 15 or older are not required to have a UM, however, parents may choose to purchase the UM and pay the applicable fee if they choose. 
    It is Camp Carolina's policy to contact parents/guardians of our campers who are flying once the airline hands over your camper to our staff at the airport on arrival and when the plane leaves the gate on departure. Your camper is allowed to fly with a mobile phone. When he meets our staff at the airport, we will confiscate the phone and keep it in the camp office until Closing Day. If he is flying home we will make sure the phone is charged and give it to him once we get to the airport. 

    Address for ANYTHING going through the United States Post Office is:

    Camp Carolina
    P.O.Box 919,
    Brevard, NC, 28712

    Address for ANYTHING going through FedEx or UPS is:
    Camp Carolina
    1 Lambs Creek Road,
    Brevard, NC, 28712

    IMPORTANT: Fireworks are against the law in North Carolina. It is against Federal Aviation Administration laws to have any kind of fireworks, matches or lighter fluid in carry-on or checked baggage. It is also against Camp rules to have any tobacco, fireworks, matches, lighters, alcohol or illegal drugs.


    We recommend $35 per week. Please do not send cash to campers. Send a check to the camp office where it will be deposited into the camper’s bank account.

    Expenditures at the Camp Store and Canteen will be debited against the camper’s account and any money left over will be refunded; or you will be billed for any overdraft.



    Because we serve plenty of good food and daily snacks, we ask that no food, drinks, candy or gum be brought or sent to camp. Packages containing these items will not be given to your son which can be unpleasant for him and us.

    Food in the cabins is a health problem because it attracts insects and rodents.

    Packages containing books and non-electronic games are welcome. Please put your son’s cabin # on his address. Mail is delivered daily.


    Camp Gift Packs are available through Camp Pacs in Brevard.

    Call toll free 1-800-248-CAMP Website:

    While located in beautiful Brevard, North Carolina, we’re the premier sleepaway camp within driving distance of Asheville. Check out these lodging options in the area!
    319 Gateway Junction Drive
    Pisgah Forest, NC 28768
    11 Boston Way
    Asheville NC 28803
    Phone: 828.505.2949
    Fax: 828.505.4042
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    Mention promotion ‘CAROLINA’ at Campbell House when making a reservation to automatically receive a 10% discount.
    Scott & Becky Wood
    Elaine Wood
    Campbell House – A Bed & Breakfast
    Phone: 800.553.2853 
    Vacation Rental in Downtown Brevard
    22 Times Arcade
    Brevard NC 28712
    Phone: 828.553.5070
    Luxury Vacation Rentals
    Brevard NC 28712
    Phone 704.691.2131
    Email: www
    Lake Toxaway NC 28747
    Phone: 828.877.6333
    783 N. Main St. Hendersonville, NC
    Phone: 828.693.9193
    'Camp Carolina'
    159 Osceola Road
    Hendersonville NC 28739
    Phone: 828.692.2544
    Fax: (828) 692 2519
    266 West Probart Street
    Brevard NC 28712
    Phone: 828.884.9349
    Lake Toxaway NC 28747
    Phone: 828.862.4207 
    Lake Toxaway NC 28747
    Phone: 828.966.4700
    US 64 & US 276
    Pisgah Forest NC 28768
    Phone: 828.883.4800
    Cashiers NC 28717
    Phone: 828.743.2411 
    I-26 & Airport Rd,
    Asheville NC 28732
    Phone: 828.684.1213
    2228 Asheville Hwy,
    Brevard NC 28712
    Phone: 828.862.8900
    783 N. Main St.
    Hendersonville, NC
    Phone: 828.693.9193
    Off US 64,
    Pisgah Forest NC 28768
    Phone: 828.877.3131
    Blue Ridge Parkway,
    Canton NC 28716
    Phone: 828.235.8228
    Open only: April 1 – October 31
    1125 Island Ford Rd.
    Brevard, NC 28712
    Phone: 828.884.7572
    400 Ray Hill Rd.
    Mills River, NC 28759
    Phone: 828.290.6080
    315 Shoals Falls Rd
    Hendersonville, NC
    Brevard, NC
    Echo Mountain Inn
    Hendersonville, NC 
    Phone: 828.693.9626
    PROMO: SummerCamp20
    The Horse Shoe Farm
    155 Horse Shoe Farm Drive, 
    Hendersonville, NC
    Glamping Destinations - WNC

    As nurses, we want to make sure that your camper enjoys his experience! Most of us are parents as well, and know the importance of feeling secure when your child is in someone else’s care. 

    HEALTH FORM: Our HEALTH FORM is available on your camper in touch account. We require campers to have had a physical within one year of the date of their arrival. Please indicate any physical injuries your son has had since their last physical. If you son has been exposed to any disease within a period of time before opening date of camp making his presence in camp an endangerment to other campers, he must delay his arrival here until the danger of contagion has passed. The camper Health Form will be due by May 1st. We will do a camper health screening with your child on opening day. This is your opportunity to talk to the nurses.

    CAMP DOCTOR: The Camp Infirmary coordinates a camp doctor visit twice weekly and a skin inspection by the nurses for each age group once a week. Some of the most common skin referrals to the infirmary are blisters, bug bites, and poison ivy. Campers needing emergency treatment will be taken to Transylvania Community Hospital. Parents will be billed for these services. Health & Accidental Insurance is required for your son while attending camp. We have 3 nurses living at our camp infirmary, with at least one on duty at all times.

    CLOSED TOE SHOES: The American Camp Nurse Association suggests closed toed shoes which have been proven to decrease slips, trips, toe injury, and falls. Sandals, even though acceptable for some activities, do not give adequate support on uneven terrain and may facilitate ankle and foot injury. The boys have daily activities in wet and dry environments. If their shoes and socks are wet and worn, they breed athlete’s foot and cause blisters. We encourage wet shoes to be dried thoroughly in the sun before use.

    MEDICATION: Our policy at Camp Carolina is that medication or over the counter remedies brought to camp will be distributed through the infirmary. None will be allowed to be kept in the cabins. We work with CampMeds Inc, a pre-packaged medication program to dispense and package ALL of your child’s medication for camp. Camp families are required to register with CampMeds if your child takes medicine while at camp. All pills will be dispensed and individually packaged in sealed packets labeled with your child’s name, medicine, dosage, date and time to be given. Our system ensures that each camper receives their correct medicine at the right time of day. All medication will be shipped to camp prior to your child’s arrival. The CampMeds affiliated pharmacy will dispense all prescription and non-prescription meds taken daily or as needed. This includes Vitamins and supplements.

    LICE: On Opening Day there will be screenings in order to catch head lice cases on campers before it becomes a cabin-wide problem. We have partnered with The Asheville Lice Treatment Center to assist with Opening Day screenings and to provide effective and professional lice treatment. If we find lice on your child on Opening Day, you will be billed $225.00 for treatment costs, which includes follow-up rechecks and an additional treatment, if required. In order to avoid these costs and your child having to miss out on any camp activities, please take the time to carefully check your camper’s hair or have their hair checked by a professional during the week prior to arriving at camp. Please visit to see a demonstration video on how to properly conduct a head check should you have any questions or concerns. If your camper has been exposed or treated for lice in his or her school or at home, in the past 3 months, it is very important that you let us know at the Opening Day infirmary lice screening.

    COMMUNICATION: It is our policy to contact parents by phone if one of the following occurs while your child is at camp: your child spends the night in the infirmary, sees the camp doctor, goes to a local doctors office, goes to the Emergency Room, goes to the infirmary for the same reason multiple times. A few packing reminders: • We encourage you to send 2 pairs of closed toed, breathable shoes to camp. This way the shoes can be alternated, if wet. • Double the amount of socks you feel necessary -- preferably sports socks that wick away moisture. • Cut toe and finger nails as short as possible before arrival. • Disinfect old shoes with antifungal powders. • Laundry is done once a week for each cabin. • Lightweight long sleeves shirts and pants deter bug bites, sunburn, and contact with poison ivy. Our days begin cool and trips out of camp, in the mountain environment, may require skin cover. • Pack Bug spray and remind your child how important it is to use it. Remember, the infirmary staff are a mother or dad to all campers! Please feel free to contact the infirmary, or the office, if you have any questions regarding the care we provide at camp to keep your kids healthy and safe.


    If letters reaching you from your son are unsatisfactory, please realize that it takes some boys longer than others to make the adjustment. Your son is not going to stop what he’s doing when he’s having fun to write a letter. Boys only opportunity to write is during downtime when they are likely to think about home. Some of these letters will be classic and worth keeping to read at their weddings or graduation. Others could possibly be of a more serious nature.

    If you have any questions or concerns about your son or his experience. Please call the office and we will arrange a call-back from your son's counselor or head counselor to give you a detailed update. 



    Label everything your son brings to camp!

    During the session, all lost and found items are sorted daily and delivered to the appropriate cabins. Labeling each item clearly with your son's first and last name ensures that your son(s) clothing, accessories, sports gear, toys, books etc. come back home! Labeling options: • Write clearly with a permanent marker •

    Personal possession labels are available for purchase through Camp In Touch:

    To access this feature log in to your Camp In Touch Account. On the welcome page you will find the various colored icons. Under "Camper Application" is a green icon for "Camper Clothing Labels." Selecting this will bring up a range of labels available for purchase. 

    Purchase labels from an independent supplier, many are available through a quick google search!

    These items and clothing may be lost, mildewed or borrowed and not returned. Therefore, we urge you not to go out and buy a lot of new clothing and equipment.




    There is a $1000 deposit, $250 of which is non-refundable.

    There is a $500 October 1 payment, a $500 December 1 payment, a $500 February 1 payment and the balance is due by April 1.

    If cancellation occurs before February 1st by written notice (mail or email) all but $250 will be refunded. If cancellation occurs after February 1st, there will be no refund. There is no reduction for campers arriving late or leaving early. If your camper is dismissed for violating camp rules, there will be no refund. The Director reserves the right to dismiss any camper violating camp rules or who is judged to be detrimental to the general welfare of the camp.

    A statement for each payment will be mailed to you ten days prior to due date.

    Please make checks payable to:
    Camp Carolina, PO Box 919, Brevard NC 28712.

    Our fee is all inclusive, except for incidentals and camp store charges. Spending money may be sent with the final payment to establish a camp bank account for each camper. We suggest $35/wk for each session. We will refund excess in camp bank or will bill you if your son is overdrawn.


    Attending camp provides an extraordinary opportunity for the camper to gain the self-reliance, self-confidence and independence important to a young boy’s development. Therefore, we do not allow visitation by parents and relatives. We highly recommend that parents visit camp on opening and closing day of the camp session. At these times parents are encouraged to meet the staff and view the camp facility.

    We do not recommend requesting that close friends be assigned to the same cabin. We believe in campers experiencing Camp Carolina with independence and living with new friends encourages and supports this philosophy. However, we will put together two boys of the same school grade if requested by the parents of both boys. Please note, you can only have one cabin request and both boys must be in the same session. 



    Parents should not call their son except in an emergency or on a special occasion such as their son’s birthday.

    If you have messages for or concerns about your son, please call the office. If you would like more on your son's experience, one of our wonderful office staff will speak with your son's counselor/head counselor and organize a call back with that person to give you a detailed update:

    Office — 828.884.2414;
    Infirmary — 828.884.2428;

  • Communication While at Camp

    Emailing your camper, seeing daily photos and videos, checking news from camp, buying photos/photo gifts, and sprucing up emails with fun stationery or words games are found in Camp In Touch. Log In to your Camp In Touch account where you will have several menu options available to you:

    • EMAIL To send emails you must have CampStamps (see below). Stationery, word games, photo attachments, and eLetters each cost one extra camp stamp. If you add a stationery and/or word game, they will not show up until you preview your email. All emails are limited to 50 lines. Stationery and word games further limit the amount of lines you can type as well. Please make sure to add any stationery or word games BEFORE you start writing your email as if you do so after, your email letter may be cut off. It's important to note that including stationery won't guarantee an immediate response from your camper because it is dependent on him sitting down and hand-writing a letter back.

    • VIDEOS  To see videos from the summer, please click on the Videos section. The most recent video will always automatically load.

    • PHOTOS In the photo section, please click on the “About Photos” section to find out more about all the options available to you. You are able to mark your favorite pictures, email any photo for free to your friends/family, download a hi-res copy and purchase prints. Please note that if you choose to buy a hi-res photo, it will download to whatever your download folder is on your computer. 

     • GUEST ACCOUNTS You are able to invite your own guests, so they too can have the ability to view photos and videos and email your child.

    • CAMPSTAMPS CampStamps are used to send emails to your child. 1 CampStamp = 1 email. You can also use your CampStamps for stationery and word games, if you so choose. Different CampStamp packages are available for purchase with a credit card. The packages are available in USD. Stamps rollover from year to year. We hope this summer feature gives you the feeling of being a part of the Camp Carolina camping experience! If you still have any questions after looking through all the options and playing around with it, go to the “Help” section in the top right corner or contact Camp Minder support 1-303-444-2267 x3.

  • Food at Camp

    Here at Camp Carolina we love meal times! We serve three big meals a day. We have hot and cold breakfast and traditional lunch and dinner served family style by the CA’s. There are also two huge salad bars, peanut butter and jelly bars and can cater for all dietary requirements. We source local produce wherever possible-with our meat coming from Hickory Nut Gap Farm and our milk from Mills River Creamery. We also make all bread products and desserts from scratch. 

  • Trunk Info

    Looking for a trunk? See below for contact information 

    Trunk Outlet has a variety of trunks, including the Rhino Trunk which is waterproof, dent-proof, scratchproof, and 20% lighter than the steel trunks! 

    Visit Trunk Outlet or Rhino Trunks for the best selection. 

    We recommend hard sided trunks that are standard size which is 32”x18”x14”.  The length can not exceed 32".  The height and width can vary.

    There is also the option of putting the camp logo on the trunk, or your son's name. The trunks DO NOT go under the boy's beds so any height will work! 

    Shipping your trunk?

    Yes! You can ship your trunk to and from camp through the Brevard UPS store. Under forms and documents in your campers CampInTouch account, you will find a UPS registration form. Upon completion and successful submission of that form, you will receive a confirmation email to the address provided.

    A Few FAQ's

    1. If I have multiple campers, do I have to fill out multiple forms?

    Yes, to keep communication as clear as possible we ask that you submit a form for each camper.

    2. What do shipments usually cost?

    19x19x36 85lb Trunk going to Miami $119 vs. Beverly Hills $155

    16x16x16 15lb Box going to Miami $32 vs. Beverly Hills $58

    3. How do I get my trunk to camp?

    Have a shipping label generated by The UPS Store of Brevard and save 10% on your total for shipping to camp and back home. Print your label from the email sent by the Brevard store and affix to you boxed trunk or duffel. A unique label is needed for each item being shipped to camp. Call 1-800-PICKUPS to schedule a pick up from your home, or bring the trunk to your local UPS Store. Don't have a box? see next question.

    4. What if I don't have a box?

    Bring your trunk to your local UPS Store and pay for them to "telescope" two 16, 18, or 20 cube boxes. This way your items are protected against loss and damage. The UPS Store of Brevard will pack items for return shipment unless requested otherwise.

    5. Do I have to box my trunk/suitcase/duffel?

    We strongly recommend boxing all your items. Items not boxed on their way to camp are not eligible for reimbursement of lost or damaged goods. Un-boxed Items also incur additional charges and fees because they are treated as irregular shaped items by UPS.

    6. When does my trunk need to be shipped?

    As a general rule, we recommend sending your trunk at least 7-10 days prior to the camp start date. Time in transit is entirely dependent upon where you live in relation to the camp.

    7. When will I be charged?

    You will not be charged until your items have been picked up and are processed for shipment to your home. Any applicable discounts will be applied at that time. A receipt for charges will be included as a packing slip on items shipped. If for whatever reason payment does not go through, items will be held until full payment is received.

    8. When will items be delivered at home?

    For most sessions ending on a Friday, items are packed over the weekend and in transit by Monday or Tuesday, depending on session volume. Most families receive their trunk by Thursday or Friday of the week following the session end date.


  • Technology

    Here at Camp Carolina we are proudly a 'Tech-Free Camp'. We believe in the importance for children to take a break from their technology and social media and embrace the simplicity of life that a summer at CCB can provide. Being disconnected from their technology provides the campers with the opportunity to improve communication and social skills and develop lifelong friendships during their summer experience. Have no fear-you can still communicate with your son! Please see above tab on how we communicate during the summer. Please also see HERE for items that are and are not allowed at CCB.

  • Counselor/Camper Ratio's

    Our camper-staff ratios at CCB are kept low to ensure safety, top quality instruction and create a personal and friendly environment.


    Cabin Ratios

    K - Completed 5th grade boys has a ratio of 2 counselors to every 6 campers

    6th grade plus has a ratio of 1 counselor to 7 boys 


    All trips that leave camp property have a maximum ratio of 1:7 with a fully qualified Wilderness First Responder. 

    In addition all aquatic based trips will have either a qualified American RedCross Lifeguard or Swift Water Rescue instructor. 

  • Additional Charges


    UPS (Optional)

    If you want the ease of driving/flying into camp with his luggage already in the cabin. You can ship his trunk, duffle or paddle to us and we will organize its return after the session. Prices are determined by the United Parcel Service. 


    If you decide to fly your con to camp there is a fee for picking up your son up at the Asheville Regional Airport (AVL) or the Greenville Spartanburg Airport. (GSP) 


  • How Do I Contact Camp Carolina?


"When someone asks me what we like about CCB or why we send our boys there I find it very hard to put into words how profoundly blessed we are to send our children there. Only to walk the grounds of CCB and to witness your son's love for the camp can one really understand how very special CCB is. Our boys are better, kinder, nicer children because of their 4-week camp experience. We will be eternally grateful to CCB for their dedication and enthusiasm they give to all the kids at CCB. #SpecialplaceinourheartsCCB"

"CCB creates an experience that is uncommon in our world today. When you drive down Lambs Creek Road, the things that divide our society disappear and everyone becomes a part of the same family." - Peyton Bryant

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