Food At Camp

"Great Food, Great Produce!" 

Here at Camp Carolina, we are so proud of each meal we send out of the kitchen to our hungry campers and counselors! We aim to support local companies wherever possible to source the freshest food and produce to help fuel our CCB family for a full day of excitement at CCB. Our incredibly hard working kitchen team work from early in the morning until late at night to ensure the quality of the meals we are sending out is of a high standard and check in with the campers and staff to get feedback on favorite meals. They even bake up to 30 loaves of bread per day! Some of our vendors include Hickory Nut Gap, Joyce Farms, Mountain Food Products and our very own organic CCB garden!

Do you have a dietary restriction? No problem! We pride ourselves on offering a dietary substitute for all our campers and staff. Whether you are Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten free or Nut free we will provide you with a delicious and nutritious meal.

WE LOVE FOOD! Our passion for making healthy, locally produced, tasty food is being shown in every meal we make. 

  • Hickory Nut Gap - Beef & Pork

    Hickory Nut Gap – Fairview, NCHNG

    Our friends at HNG provide us with delicious 100% grass fed beef and pasture grown pork. All produce is naturally raised with NO antibiotics and NO hormones. If you love our pulled pork, burgers, bolognese and more then this is why! Our passion for good food is shown in every meal you eat.

    We take pride in the quality of our livestock and feeding our regional community local, grassfed beef. Our cows live on and eat grass their entire lives — 100% grassfed, raised without added hormones or antibiotics”

  • Joyce Farms - Chicken & Duck

    Joyce Farms 

    We go to Joyce Farms for the quality of their poultry! They pride themselves on providing 100% natural chickens. No hormones or steroids, no antibiotics, logo.pngno animal by-products and no artificial ingredients! Who loves stay classy dinner? The duck we have on the final night at camp is also from Joyce Farms-that's why it tastes SO GOOD every time!

    “From their birth to your table, our Naked birds eat only the healthiest and purest vegetable diet, containing no animal by-products or artificial ingredients EVER. They are fed a natural, all-vegetable diet with no animal by-products ever. Our birds drink only fresh water that is regularly tested for purity.”

  • Mountain Food Products - Fruit & Vegetables

    Mountain Food Products - Asheville NCmain

    We love fresh, locally sourced produce! Along with our very own garden, all of our fruit and vegetables come from Mountain Food Products. Locally sourced means we can get good quality food from their farms to your plate quicker. Don't forget our fully stocked salad bar with homemade dressings at every lunch and dinner!

    “We are committed to truly local sourcing; defining local as within 100 miles of Asheville, encompassing Western North Carolina, Northern Georgia, Upstate South Carolina, Eastern Tennessee and Southern Virginia. We believe that by putting our food dollars back into our local economy, we will strengthen our community”

  • Dynamite Roasting Company - Coffee

    Dynamite Roasting Company - Black Mountain, NCcropped-Website-Theme-Logo-2

    Sorry campers, this one is only for the adults only but staff and parents, listen on up. When it comes to coffee, we only want the best, and Dynamite Roasting Co is the best coffee in town! We grind our coffee here on site and make sure its hot and available with a variety of milks and sweeteners from breakfast-dinner! Not a coffee fan? We always have PG tips for our British staff and herbal teas available as well

    "We are one of the few certified organic roasters in our area. Our coffee is 100% chemical-free. We went through the expensive and time-consuming process to be a certified organic business from the beginning. "

  • Mills River Creamery - Milk & Cream

    Mills River Creamery - Mills River, NC

    We love our milk! Good milk makes a difference, whether it's in your cereal, hot chocolate or coffee or used in any of our meals or deserts. We couldn't get milkmills river that's fresher or better tasting than Mills River Creamery. The cows are on non GMO diets and are never given growth hormones.

    "Our dairy and bottling facilities are located in the Mills River Valley just south of Asheville. Having both so close together allows us to produce and bottle our milk in virtually the same day, which allows us to offer the freshest product with the longest shelf life that is available to the area."

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