Our Tennis program at Camp Carolina is a fun and exciting activity! We have 4 hard courts and 3 clay courts. We have tennis rackets of all sizes so all our campers have the chance to progress and improve their tennis skills and gameplay. Every day at tennis brings a new challenge and some new games to play with your fellow campers.

If your main interest is to play games and have fun with your buddies, then our friendly staff will help you come up with a new and exciting game each day. You will be having so much fun you won’t even know that your tennis skills are improving! If, however you want to improve your technique and court skills, then you can receive some specialized coaching from one of our skilled and dedicated counselors.

Our Tennis staff come from all over the world and bring with them passion and experience, as well as the love of passing on their tennis knowledge to others. They complete a course focusing on tennis instruction before the campers arrive. They will also bring many tennis games with them from their home countries including around the world, murder ball, king of the court, cone head, cross the river, and many more.

Campers can also play tennis in free time at Camp Carolina and will often receive one-on-one coaching or the chance to play against (and beat!) their counselors.

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