If a camper has a passion for skating or it is something they have always wanted to try, then Camp Carolina is the place to be! We have an indoor skate park with 1/4 pipes, a 1/2 pipe, wall rides, rails, curbs, and a fun box so that boys of all ages and skill levels have a new challenge to focus on.

We also have the Carolina Four Leaf Clover which is our outdoor skate bowl. Boys who prefer outdoor skating can drop in and carve some serious turns. The Carolina Four Leaf Clover was intricately painted in 2011 and is now a rainbow of colors and patterns.

We have a wide range of skate equipment at Camp Carolina, so the boys have the best sized boards to aid in their success. Safety is paramount at the skate park. A helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads must be worn before getting on their board.

At the end of each session our keen skateboarders get the opportunity to go on the skateboarding "prize trip" to the local skate park situated in Hendersonville. This gives the boys the chance to further progress their skills and show off all the new tricks they have learned.

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