Our backpacking program gives campers the opportunity to explore Pisgah National Forest and the Appalachian Mountains. Reflecting on their time at camp, whilst still experiencing the thrill of high adventure. The trips take place over 2-3 days deep in the forest, creating opportunities for self-reliance, through carrying both personal and group equipment. While learning skills such as cooking on a fire and the principles of leaving no trace.

Our trips include an overnight hike to Section 15 of the famous Appalachian trail, where the campers can see the incredible views of the mountains from the top of Max Patch, before hiking 20 miles down to Hot Springs. A journey which includes an overnight stop in a trail shelter where they can read the stories of hikers completing the whole 2,181 miles of the trail. Campers also have the opportunity on a clear night to star gaze at the top of Bluff mountain.

The Art Loeb trail is another popular back packing trip at CCB. This single or double overnight trip starts off with the campers getting dropped off at Black Balsam, a peak just off the blue ridge parkway with 360-degree views of the Appalachian Mountains, before starting the hike back to camp! The Art Loeb is famous for reaching the peak of every mountain it crosses, giving campers several opportunities to see the incredible views along the hike, including watching the sunset over the parkway from Cedar Rock. 




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