Riflery here at Camp Carolina is very strict, structured and it is one of the oldest programs we offer. Our qualified instructors are all certified by the National Riflery Association (NRA).

Campers are first taught range safety rules and then familiarized with the different rifles and their components before learn the importance of the safety gear and how it is to be worn on the range. We ensure that the safety gear is always worn correctly and in place at all times whilst on the range. Campers are then taught different shooting positions and the correct placement/positioning of the rifle including the correct way to grip the rifle, how to look through the sight using the correct eye. Finally they learn all the range commands that are used internationally.

Campers who develop a passion for riflery and become an accurate shot can fire away some tight, consistent groups against one of the girl’s camp in our friendly end of session riflery competition.

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