Summer team

Daniel Zurutuza

Daniel Zurutuza


Hey... I'm Daniel I'm from Cuetzalan, Puebla, Mexico. I consider myself an adventurer, I come from a small town in the center east of the country with many many caves to explore, many of the time in Cuetzalan (the town that I come from) my friends and I spend in exploring, going to the woods, camping, climbing or making maps from the terrain. Stuff like that is what I like to do in my spare time...


What are you most proud of/biggest achievement in life so far? 

I've taken part in a scientific expedition to the 4th deepest cave in the world here in Oaxaca Mexico. 

What is your favorite hobby/sport/thing to do during your free time? 

My favorite thing to do in my free time is to explore caves.  

What is your favorite thing about working with children? 

They are just so fun, maybe their imagination, and curiosity.

What impact are you most excited to make this year at CCB?

I would like to transfer or teach one of the things that I love and why I love them.

What goal or camp philosophy do you really want your campers to learn this summer?

Partnership, because without it the experience of camping or outdoor activities wouldn't be as fun!

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