Communication with Loved Ones

March 26th, 2020

Communication with Loved Ones

Not long until you head off to North Carolina for a summer filled of adventure-we can’t wait for you to get here! As soon as you arrive at Camp Carolina, we literally hit the ground running. You will be so busy-meeting new friends and learning about everything at CCB-sometimes days or weeks go by before you realize you haven’t touched base with loved ones back home. And Moms, Dads, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends and siblings generally don’t like that!!!

It is important to meet with all family, friends and partners before you leave for the summer and set realistic expectations for when and how often you will be touching base. Below are some guidelines to copy and paste and send to loved ones.

  1. When I first arrive I will generally have 24 hours to settle in to camp. I will go on a full camp tour, go to Walmart to do some shopping and take part in a mini orientation. Don’t worry-camp has got everything I need to settle in and there is a return staff member assigned to me to make sure I have everything I need to be safe and settle in. During the Orientation I am required to lock up my phone and other electronics in the staff lounge (I am not living the #techfreelife). I will only have access to my phone, when I am physically in the staff lounge so I won’t be responding as instantaneously as you may be used to. I will make sure to let you know I have arrived safely and am settling in before my training begins.

  2. After that first 24 hours I will be on my activity training! During this time I may be out camping, without my phone for 3+ nights. I will have access in the evenings when I am between training courses. Expect scattered and lengthy waits between communications (but envision me in the NC mountains living my best life!). I will tell you all about it as soon as I can.

  3. During Orientation Week (May 30-June 6) we go pretty much completely tech free to experience life at camp, just like the campers would! There is one night off when I have access to my phone/wifi-but we usually head out to one of the local cities for dinner with the rest of the staff. I will be able to get wifi at the restaurant/when I am home to let you know how things are going. How has a few weeks already gone by?

  4. I have all day off on Saturday June 6th! Let's organize a time to connect.

  5. Opening Day is June 7th-wish me luck!

  6. From that day onwards I will have more reliable access to my technology and wifi. I will usually get an hour off a day (unless I have extra duties/am on a trip out of camp).

  7. I also will get either Mon or Tues night off from 6PM-11.30PM as well as either Fri or Sat or Sun off from 8AM-11.30PM.

  8. Please remember that I am going to be on wifi, in the mountains and in a room with a lot of other staff members connecting with home as well! It can sometimes be really loud and the wifi is sometimes spotty.

  9. I would love to receive a care package!!! Please send it to PO Box 919 Brevard, NC 28712 

Copying and pasting the above points will really help your loved ones get a good idea of when you will be able to communicate with them. A few additional points for you!

One awesome thing we do at camp is have our professional camp photographers taking photos of our staff around camp and uploading them to google drive while they are out taking photos of the campers. Don't expect a personal paparazzi as their predominent and demanding job is to get as many epic snaps of the campers but where possible, they loved capturing some staff pics throughout the day. This way you have professional, epic, candid pictures to share on social media (since you won’t have your phone with you to capture these memories). Some staff did weekly social media updates with these photos to keep everyone at home involved in their camp experience.

If there is ever a special occasion (birth, wedding etc) or a tragedy while you are at camp we are always able to help and accommodate you. Please let Kylie or Max know and we can arrange use of their office and privacy.


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