Time off at Camp

March 12th, 2020

Time off at Camp

You only have 9 “long leaves” during your summer. Our biggest piece of advice-Don’t waste them!!! Where else do you get use of a wakeboarding boat, equipment, lunch and a trained instructor for FREE? Regular long leaves are from 8AM-11.30PM so you get the entire daylight hours to get out and play and then session breaks (between sessions-you have 2) are from around 3PM-4PM to 4PM the following day. Staff are split into 3 leaves-we need to evenly split staff into leaves to have balanced number on each leave of different activities, tribes and certifications so leave requests with certain people are almost impossible to fill-awesome part of this is getting to meet as many different people as possible. Leaves generally stay the same for that session, and switch 3 times throughout the summer (for the 3 main sessions). Now to the fun stuff!

We are located in the PERFECT location to adventure outdoors. It seriously doesn’t get much better. We sometimes announce and organized staff trip on weekends but if you want to organize your own staff trip then we also love that! If you would like to borrow camp equipment or a van you just submit the request a day or more before your time off and we schedule you that van and equipment (if not being used by the campers). Staff are responsible for gassing the vans up and making sure all equipment is cleaned and in good repair for the campers to use on their return. Other than that-get out there and have fun! Below are some favorite staff time off trips to look int. More options are coming in updated staff newsletters!

  • Go Mountain Biking in Dupont. Check out all the options here! If you want a more relaxing ride to a picnic at a lake-check out Lake Dense

  • Climbing Looking Glass Rock is a must do! Check out this epic video.  We provide all the equipment and amazing climbing guides. The photos and memories you can get here are INCREDIBLE.

  • Sea Kayak Lake Jocassee. Name as one of the 50 great place left on Earth by National Geographic it is a must see during your summer. We suggest sea kayaking out to one of the many waterfalls for a picnic lunch and swim. Don’t leave without doing this one! 

Finally-check out a video from your home away from home-Brevard, NC! What a beautiful place to spend your summer.

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