Your Home Away From Home

April 3rd, 2020

Your Home Away From Home

For some staff-this will be the first time moving out of home and for most staff this will be their first time moving abroad. We understand that for most people-this is a huge adjustment! Over the years we have observed and communicated with staff to determine what helped them most settle in and "make camp home". This is what we have compiled!

  1. Be open-minded. The South of USA (the region Camp Carolina is in) will most likely be very different to your home town. The program most of you are coming over on is all about cultural exchange! We want you to learn all about our culture, and our American families and campers want to learn all about yours! The most settled and successful staff didnt expect the policies at camp, the food in the area, the way people communicate etc to be the exact same as their home and really embraced the fact that they were involved in a cultural exchange program. Remember, you are only at camp for a few months and being open minded and adaptable (even if you don’t agree) is broadening your knowledge and horizons. If you are constantly comparing and getting frustrated by the way things are it will be more difficult for you to embrace and love your new home.

  2. Make new friends. It may have been YEARS (primary school?) since you made new friends. It can be hard but the best thing about camp? Everyone is in the same boat and with 140 staff there are always people you will connect with. Remember-you are going to be out of your comfort zone and it is easy to say “no” to new opportunities but try to say “yes!” to every opportunity that comes your way. Whether it is an after-dinner trip to get ice cream, a pre-breakfast yoga session or helping with some dishes in the kitchen-these new experiences are where you make memories and connections with people and friendships are formed. Working at summer camp can be stressful and you need a support network. Everyone at CCB is inclusive, friendly and are at camp for the same reason as you are-so get out there and make some best friends!

  3. Make your sleeping area homely! Is it a luxurious pillow? A cozy blanket? Slippers? A mat to step on to when getting out of bed? Pictures from home? Books? You don’t get much personal space at camp-so make it count! Think of the things you really enjoy at home and incorporate them into your sleeping bunk at camp.

  4. Try as many local delicacies as you can! Sweet Ice Tea? Biscuits and Gravy? Chicken and Waffles? Fried Okra? Shrimp and Grits? Boiled Peanuts? Cornbread? Sweet Potato Pie? You may just find a brand new favorite food in your new home town!

  5. Offer to help others! Everyone at Camp Carolina is highly skilled in at least one unique sport/activity/hobby. Everyone is also wanting to learn a new activity/hobby. Are you an amazing mountain biker? Or horse rider? Or incredible at crafts? Offer to teach others your skill! You won't regret it!

Being intentional and prepared with making camp your home this summer and relying on the support, advice and guidance provided by CCB will help make this transition positive and fun. We know you will lvoe your home away from home this summer and cannot wait to introduce you to it!

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