Lake CCB just got a whole lot more AWESOME!

November 21st, 2017

Lake CCB just more AWESOME!

We are SO EXCITED to announce that Lake CCB will be welcoming some BRAND NEW Aqua Toys to make it even more awesome for our campers this rock itsummer and beyond. Not only will we still have the High and Low Dive, the Blob, the Aqua Tramp, the Zipline, Canoe/Kayak, Paddle Boarding, the Bike Ramp (do we really need to add more?) we are adding at least 3 new Aqua Toys to the lake

If this is your first year at camp, let me tell you some of the awesome things you can already spend your time doing at Lake CCB. We have a high & low dive for all your dives and tricks, a triple zip line from the top of a huge zip line tower to race your fellow campers down, a rad BMX bike ramp to perfect your backflip (or see how high you can go!), an inflatable trampoline to practice your flips and of course our famous blob tower!

And now, with the most ENTHUSIASM we can reveal the new additions (can you tell we are excited?!)

Volleyball TrampThe Rock-It – This awesome new Aqua Tou will test your balance, your strength, and your style! This 8 person playground will allow you to compete with your friends to see who can stay on the longest. It will spin, tilt and turn to try put you in the water but it’s your job to try and hang on. Are you good enough to challenge a counselor? Or who from your cabin will be the King of the Rock-It?

AquaGlide SuperVolley – If the Rock-It wasn’t enough, we bring you the SuperVolley! This floating volleyball court is sure to get you excited for 2018. This new addition will be a great way to combine your trampoline tricks with your volleyball skills, just remember… whoever loses the point has to get the ball from somewhere in lake CCB.

SwingThe Catapult – We thought for a little while that maybe we could get a relaxing new lake addition… but we went for this instead! This 15ft swing will send you flying across the lake-the bigger your swing the bigger your jump! We will be holding best trick competitions down at the waterfront this year, the question is - who will be the 2018 winner?

And there you have it. Three awesome new water toys to get you stoked for the 2018 summer. Just when you thought CCB couldn’t get any more awesome, it does!

We still have openings in most sessions. If you have not yet registered, the link is below. See ya at the waterfront! What A Day! What A Day! Boy Am I Enthusiastic!


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